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A Question about Teaching/Kindergarteners

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Mon, 21 Jun 1999 23:03:25 EDT

Hi all!
I have 5 basic rules and they are drawn on large posters which hang up on one
wall. No words are necessary. This is visual art, and beginning
Kindergarteners can't all read yet.
1. Stay in your seat. I tell them they must "pretend I have squirted them
with glue, and they are now glued to their chair".
2. No running. "You can't run if you're glued to a chair!"
3. No put downs.
4. No talking while the teaching is talking (I use lights out or
1-2-3-freeze when we are busy working and talking and I want to get their
5. Raise your hand...use the signal if you want to speak (the signal BTW is
one hand on your mouth {making the shhhhhh...gesture} and one hand in the
I also have a "show me you are ready to begin art signal": I say "eyes,
ears, mouth and hands". Hands go in their laps (occasionally a few will put
them up in the air, because that's what the classroom teacher wants them to
do). If there are things on the table, they can not touch them since their
hands are under the table. I also have "leaders" for each table pass out
pre-filled boxes of supplies after I have explained the day's activity if I
require a lot of time to talk (more than 5 minutes of a 33 minute class). If
nothing is on the table, then their is nothing to play with or disrupt with
while you are conducting DBAE type stuff with art prints, reading a book,
demonstrating a technique, etc...
These things work for me a la cart or in an art room.
To line up, students must be cleaned up and quiet at their table. I usually
say "I'm looking for a quiet, cleaned up table group that is ready to go.
The quietest table will line up first." They know what to do, and motivate
each other, so they can be the first group in line.
Students must line up quietly, mouths closed, facing the door, one square
empty between each set of feet (use the square tiles on the floor for a
guide)...before they can leave with their classroom teacher. When I'm on a
cart I have them "go to sleep" after we are cleaned up, waiting for the
classroom teacher to return. They pretend to be asleep. They enjoy it.
It's peaceful.
It may sound very structured, but if you teach it to them in Kindergarten
it's second nature and very routine in later grades, and makes your life much
easier. Of course their will always be a few rebels who will need another
session in "the rules", and in my district we have a lot of turnover of
students due to the military base. 50% of our kids are military dependents.
I have others role model and act as buddies. The new ones catch on fast.
Spend the first few art days teaching and reteaching the routines if you have
to. It will pay off in the long run.
Art Department Coordinator and Art Teacher K-4
Indian River Central School District
Philadelphia, NY

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