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need voices of experience!

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Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:59:23 EDT

I realize I've re-subscribed when many have logged off for the summer. But I
need to hear from folks with experience with a situation like mine. Or
advice on what you would do/want in my situation. Please email me at

I teach K-5. Around 550 students a week. 30 minutes-50 minutes a week.
Previously had two art rooms, 1 full time teacher (me) and one part time
teacher. Due to the space crunch emergency our school is experiencing (why
can't administrators see the big picture/long term solutions?) we are loosing
a room and gaining a half time teacher. That means one art room, 1 full time
teacher and 2 half time teachers. My principal does not want to do art on a
cart if possible, but considering it for K. His solution? Double up the
classes with two teachers in the room. Team teaching 50 students. Does
anyone have experience team teaching art? Teaching such large classes? The
logistics boggle my mind. I assume my program will change drastically.
Getting 50 students to wash hands quickly cannot happen. Can I no longer
paint, paper mache, etc,etc,etc?

The principal is leaving the hiring of the teacher I will be team teaching
with up to me. He knows it will have to be a person I could work closely
with. All I can think is that this person will have to be super FLEXIBLE,
not a frequently found characteristic of educators I am finding.

Upon hearing about my dilemma, all of my art teacher friends say start
looking for a new job. I am in the middle of a graduate program and really
can't leave now. I am really trying to see the positive side but am
overwhelmed. Any ideas, advice, solutions will be greatly appreciated and
seriously considered. Thanks....Melissa

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