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Re: A Question about Teaching

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Litesal (litesal)
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 08:54:55 -0400

> Hi all --
> Related to this thread -- I sometimes (actually, more often lately...)
> a problem with kids jumping up out of their seats and coming over to me to
> ask questions or show me stuff, even though I remind them to stay in their
> seats and raise their hands. . . . The 2nd and 3rd graders especially
seem to
> forget this reminderAny
> advice or helpful hints for this problem? . Gail

Hi Gail, and anyone else who is interested....

The same thing happens in my room sometimes (kids following me around for
attention), I find it has something to do with whether or not they are
allowed to do that in their regular classrooms. In classes that really have
a problem with it, I stop the class, and repeat the rule to everyone, "stay
in your seat and raise your hand to get my attention," followed by the
rationality behind the request. I do this for several classes. If the
problem continues, as it usually does with a few students, I go into ignore
mode. It may sound mean, but it isn't, in fact it makes the kids giggle.
It goes like this...the kid gets up to show, ask, or whatever...I completely
turn my back on them...if they don't get the hint, I say to myself out loud,
"Gee, I wonder if someone needs my help, I don't see anyone with their hand
raised," then the child quickly goes to his/her seat and raises the hand.
I then go and give the child the attention he/she is seeking. It seems to

Leah from PA