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Crystalized Flowers

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Michelle H.Harrell (mmhar)
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 19:24:33 PDT

I can't find the original message of the person who wanted to know how to
crystalize flowers. I just found a couple of recipes on how to preserve
flowers that use the borax solution known to make crystals as we discussed
earlier. The recipes came from (there's lots of other great
recipes there as well- thanks for the site from your compiled list MaryAnn
Kohl). Here's one of the recipes.

Flower Preservative #2
Need: Fresh Flowers, Florist's wire, Airtight (such as -a coffee can),
Plastic bag,Borax, Wire or string, Soft brush

1. Pick flowers at the peak of their bloom
2. Remove the stems. Make new stems with florist's wire. Run wire through
the base of the flower and twist the two ends together.
3. Line the coffee can with the plastic bag. Pour borax into the plastic
bag to cover the bottom to a depth of 1 inch.
4. Place flower face down in the borax. Pour about 1 inch of borax over the
top of the flower. Add more flowers and borax until the container is full.
Gather the top of the bag, squeezing out all the air inside it. Fasten shut
with wire or string.
5. Place lid on can and set aside in a dry place for at least 4 weeks.
6. Remove flowers from borax and carefully brush away all borax with a soft
brush. USES: Flowers preserved in this way make colorful "permanent"
floral arrangements. Flowers picked at the peak of their bloom remain fresh
looking indefinitely. TO USE: Using the wire stems, make an attractive
flower arrangement as you would a fresh-flower bouquet.

Michelle H. Harrell
North Garner Middle School
Garner, North Carolina
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