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Re: kindergarten (long, sorry)

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Teri Sanford Mason (terily)
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 18:01:16 -0500

I have tried stations with K before and have not had as much success as I would
have liked. I find that having everyone do the same media is easier to
manage. Those who finish early get to go to another medium, which I set up at
my extra/demo table. As a few children finish and are working on the next
medium, I start another table with that medium (when enough bodies have moved
from one table to the other, the first table is then changed to the 2nd medium)
then more finishers can go to that table, etc. Mostly I do this when I am
introducing a media; when we are working on projects, we are all doing the same

Incidentally, something else I teach the younger kids is "no white paper
showing." I show lots of artwork to the kids. One thing I point out, in book
illustrations and in artworks, is that the artists' use the space fully (ie: no
big empty spaces). This has made a world of difference in the products I get
from my students, especially as they get older. But the little Ks will take it
very seriously and will remind each other ("I see white paper showing.") I also
get fewer single marks on paper, then wanting another paper. Helps my budget
go a little further.
I also use mis-copied papers from the copy room as "free-draw" paper.

Artemis420 wrote:

> One neat way to do it is to have three, 10 to 15 minute rotating 'stations'
> for using different media to express the lesson...say 1crayon, 2 tempera, 3
> chalk or marker.
> Each kid has 3 art works!
> Artie