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Re: kindergarten amd art

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MaryAnn Kohl (maryann)
Thu, 17 Jun 99 15:44:54 -0700

Jameson jameson4 6/17/99 1:09 PM

>I teach K in 30 mins. once a week

I taught regular Kindergarten classroom for many years. Towards the
middle and to the end of the year, k. kids can sit for 15-30 minutes, but
need to be hands-on busy the rest of the hour. In the beginning of the
year, don't expect them to sit quietly for much of anything!
I would have art explorations set up on the tables, maybe different
ones on each table, and let them go from table to table (wherever there
is room) trying different art ideas. Maybe 5 ideas tops. One idea could
be a "big deal" -- messy, needs directions, etc. -- but the other ideas
could often be the same: cut and paste, collage, crayon resist,
plasticine clay (or playdough) with tools ... that way, you can hang
around the "difficult" table and work with small groups as they come and
go. They handle this very well. It's not chaotic at all.
If what I just said doesn't make sense, write and I will explain
ALWAYS have a good book to read or a song to sing or something to
fill time *just in case*. It might be fun to come up with children's
books that somehow highlight being creative, doing art, etc. as the books
to read in the last ten minutes of the hour. Another thing: k-kids love
to share what they have made, but no one wants to listen to the others
share. It's a funny kindergarten thing! Be forewarned!! :o)
Another kindergarten thing (which is really cute if you like little
ones, but aggravating as heck if you don't!!!).... no matter what you
talk about, they will have something to add that has nothing to do with
what you just said. For example: You say, "Watery paint works best for
this activity." Some kid might raise his hand like crazy, you call on
him, and he says, "My grampa gets to go fishing this Saturday..." It can
be a riot of sorts.

WRite with any questions.... kindergarten is a specialty "early childhood
education" and is not like other grades in the school, as much as some
schools try to make them little first grades. Kindergarten is something
all its own! And it's wonderful if you are even a little bit prepared for
how special (wild!!) it is.


MaryAnn F. Kohl (WA)