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Better safe than sorry.

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Mon, 14 Jun 1999 19:20:53 EDT

My husband received this first hand from the person who wrote it and
fowarded it to me. Read it and decide. I know we have been getting a lot of
spam about viruses but this DID happen to a friend I know well.


> This is of EXTREME importance. I just spoke with AOL about this, so what
> I am saying is accurate.
While reading my email, a message box came on my screen--it was
> unlike any I had ever seen--it was unlike IM's. Anyway, it had the
official AOL
> logo on it and mentioned the virus that is out right said this is
> AOL mail and asked if I wanted to save this information as a text file...I
> had two choices--yes or no. There was absolutely no way to "X" out of
> it...I was in the middle of writing email and thought that I would just
move this
> box to the side and call AOL or ask someone about it. The box (window)
> could be moved, but nothing else could be done on the computer...being
leary of this, I clicked on NO. I was immediately booted off.

I promptly called AOL--they said I had made the correct choice, and
> said it was a way to introduce the virus into my computer...AOL said anytime
> they need to notify someone, it is done at won't be able to
> will give the message to call AOL is never done with
> email or with a window such as I described. Also, it is never in IMs.
Please be careful. This is very bad!!!!!!!!!!!! This window with
> AOL logo was very official looking--don't be fooled!!!! Click NO!!!!!!!!