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Re: job postings

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Sat, 5 Jun 1999 22:54:52 EDT

I agree with San D. I've been unemployed, and I have been employed...and
you know what? Employed is much better. In Chicago where I work, we can
attend a job fair if we lose our job or seeking a new job or the like.
There are 55,000 teachers in the Chicago Public School system. (Yes. you
read that correctly--55,000). The job fair consists of numerous schools from
all areas of the city setting up shop--in a school aud. or gym--and
"interviewing" possible candidates. You start your day at 7:30 at the job
fair, and when you see a school you are interested in, along with your
subject, you stand in that line. And you stand in line. And stand, and
stand. It seems like forever. You probably thought that the line in the
grocery store is long. The lines at the job fair extend the length of a
gymnasium. There could be approx. 100 applicants or more in the line you are
in. One could stand in line for hours. I attended several of these Job Fairs
and have spent 3-4 hours in one line. When you finally get to the person who
is interviewing you, he or she can dismiss you at a drop of a hat..."You're
too old, too young, too white, too green, too educated, not enough
experience, too much experience, too expensive, too long , too short, too
tall, too fat, too skinny,etc." How humiliating is it? Very.
That's why this listserve can help. I believe in helping BIGTIME. I've been
BT (Jill)
PS. BTW --I never found a job this way. I was recommended by a friend for
one job, and my present one ...I overheard someone talk about a opening in
this school, and I called the principal. You have got to be creative about
this stuff sometimes.