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Barbara Hall (bahall)
Thu, 03 Jun 99 17:42:13 -0600 Central Daylight Time

I agree with Jackie. I will probably be shot out of the water by some of
you, but in today's world I think one of the most important things an art
class does is help students learn how to develop and implement IDEAS not
just teach art techniques and medias. There is an art teacher here in
Arkansas who I respect very much who told me once( when I was fretting
about my advanced students) that we can teach technique up to a point and
the kids that want to really master that technique will practice at it,
but that the important thing is to help them learn to THINK. I also
believe that some of the most interesting art being produced today is done
in mixed media often times resulting from expermentation with the media.
and also (stay with me...I am rambling) a lot of really cool, expressive
original art often comes from using a media for something it wasnt
intended for. ALso I dont know about your district but in mine any student
in grades 9-12 may take Art I and often it is the only art class they may
ever take so along with all that appreciation and criticism isnt it right
to let them experience as many medias as possible? AND FINALLY on the
"idea thing" people who learn to develop and implement Ideas often are
destined not only to make great art but to be designers, architects, cure
cancer, fix the ozone hole, make peace, write books, be great teachers,
and on and on...

yall have a good summer,
Amanda Linn
Little Rock,AR