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Middle school discipline

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One of the Colmans (colmans1)
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 17:55:23 -0400

I feel I have made such growth in the area of middle school discipline this
year. This was my first year as well, having moved from elementary to
middle and high school. It's amazing how far one can come in 9 months! I
see my 7th and 8th grade students for 9 weeks. I really questioned my
decision to move to this level the first quarter. My 8th graders, in
particular, just about put me over the edge. I was very frustrated and
angry day in and day out. Then this list serve turned me on to Harry Wong's
book, "The First Days of School." His suggestions on rules and procedures,
coupled with everything I had learned NOT to do, resulted in my making a
giant leap from desperation to actual enjoyment of my classes. One of the
most important things that I have learned to do is to HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR.
There aren't many things anymore that I take too seriously or stress out
over. Instead, I joke around more with the kids, make light of alot of the
ridiculous behavior and NEVER let them see me getting uptight or angry. I
almost always keep my cool, even when someone does something stupid and I
have to give him or her detention. I also make an effort to get to know the
kids individually, focusing in on whatever it is that interests them.
Whenever I see something that can be praised, I don't miss the opportunity
to do so. So many kids come to us in such a damaged state, I feel really
good that I can be a positive force in their lives. I've worked hard at
turning my earlier negative state of affairs around and I am now reaping the
benefits of that hard work. I am really enjoying middle school kids and
it's quite an amazing surprise for me!