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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 12:38:21 -0500

This is a variation on the modem tax hoax
See: for
modem tax
See: for Disney
Just a note the United States Postal Service is not allowed by Federal Law
to use "tax" money. It must support itself by postal fees and the selling of
merchandise. 5 -10 years ago, this was made law. My understanding is that it
was considered to be in competition with private companies (UPS, FedEx).
This is why they come out with different stamps each year for collectors.
Certain percent (I can't remember the numbers) are never used, that keeps
the price down for the rest of us, in theory.

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Rodney and Barbara Boville wrote:
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>Here's another bit about the Email Legislation...
>>>>> >>Dear Internet Subscriber:
>>>>> >>
>>>>> >>Please read the following carefully if you intend to
>>>>> >>stay online and continue using email: The last few
>>>>> >>months have revealed an alarming trend in the
>>>>> >>Government of the United States attempting to quietly
>>>>> >>push through legislation that will affect your use of
>>>>> >>the Internet. Under proposed legislation the U.S.
>>>>> >>Postal Service will be attempting to bilk email users
>>>>> >>out of "alternate postage fees". Bill 602P will permit
>>>>> >>the Federal Govt to charge a 5 cent surcharge on
>>>>> >>every email delivered, by billing Internet Service
>>>>> >>Providers at source. The consumer would then be
>>>>> >>billed in turn by the ISP. Washington D.C. lawyer
>>>>> >>Richard Stepp is
>>>>> >>working without pay to prevent this legislation from
>>>>> >>becoming law. The U.S. Postal Service is claiming that
>>>>> >>lost revenue due to the proliferation of email is
>>>>> >>costing nearly $230,000,000 in revenue per year. You
>>>>> >>may have noticed their recent ad campaign "There is
>>>>> >>nothing like a letter". Since the average citizen
>>>>> >>received about 10 pieces of email per day in 1998, the
>>>>> >>cost to the typical individual would be an additional
>>>>> >>50 cents per day, or over $180 dollars per year, above
>>>>> >>and beyond their regular Internet costs. Note that
>>>>> >>this would be money paid directly to the U.S. Postal
>>>>> >>Service for a service they do not even provide. The
>>>>> >>whole point of the Internet is democracy and
>>>>> >>non-interference. If the federal government is
>>>>> >>permitted to tamper with our
>>>>> >>liberties by adding a surcharge to email, who knows
>>>>> >>where it will end.
>>>>> >>
>>>>> >>Send this email to all Americans on your list and tell
>>>>> >>your friends and relatives to write to their
>>>>> >>congressman and say "No!" to Bill 602P.
>>>>> >>Kate Turner
>>>>> >>Assistant to Richard Stepp, Berger, Stepp and Gorman
>>>>> >>Attorneys at Law 216 Concorde Street, Vienna, Va.

This sounds just like all the other internet
"taxation/surcharge/extra fee to keep freedom loving middle class
americans down" bs hoaxes that we get every month or so. Admittedly,
not much that our government does makes sense, but this piece REALLY
MAKES NO SENSE. Can anyone find a reputable source reporting any
of this? Probably not. Have a nice day.
john barrick

john barrick
Sandra Barrick