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Lily et Al(RE:Graphic arts)

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 20:31:05 -0400

Let me first come out and say I'm glad some people are opening their
Mouths because so often people just listen. I've been on the list
since Feb. and have heard various opinions. Let's try to be open
minded and not presume the worst case scenario when one of us poses
a question.

On the matter of Computer art,I did mention clip art as something
they could use. The question was what was on Windows which could be
of access. I know it comes with Photo Express etc. My husband was
excited about finding some of his favorite artist's on some 5.00$
clip art.
You can find art anywhere. You can use this as a basis to go into
experiment with. So you may presume not knowing my husband that he
is a layman. True he is not a Teacher. He is however a very creative
and his profession is High end Digital Effects Artist. He works with
Soft Image,Flame,Flint,Fire, Does compositing,knows various systems
and has
experience training people on such. He also does demo's for schools.
Especially Art schools! I do trust his knowledge and I know he gives
an honest opinion when asked for it. He still likes to have stuff
for the 4 and 7 year old to dabble at home on. Sure they can go to
work and use high end stuff. It still is something to remember not
everyone has the same access to tools that others do. Let's not
knock someone down who maybe trying. Sometimes when you are not
under the same circumstances you cannot be open to seeing the same
way. Also many schools are lucky enough to have one artist. That one
artist may have a specialty and may not be well versed at other
mediums than their own.
That is especially where this list comes in handy. Between all of us
should have all specialized in something and should cover all ages.

I know should I need Digital effects questions I can ask him. I also
know that if I have another problem someone on this list will be my
On my husbands web you can see Soft image link as well as Discreet
I have other links if you need.

Last- I only sent the message 2 times(one was a forward). All the
rude comments I received personally-please delete. I am not
responsible for individuals receiving 4,5 times. Filter me out if
you don't like receiving from me.

john barrick
Sandra Barrick