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Re: time line / precautions on varnishing / sharpie bleed thru

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Sat, 27 Jun 1998 11:15:03 EDT

I would use a lot of polymer medium instead of using a minreral spirit based
That sharpie outline will blur & bleed./ I varnished a 4'x 8' mural with a lot
of polymer medium & the sharpies still bled thru a little when I used
polyurehane varnish over it. Be careful / Experiment 1st or you could get into
hot water w/ the "powers that be"~ if it does bleed thru all along a hall
wall. Also a varnish on a vertical surface could run. I'd use Krylon clear
spray varnish over polymer medium in very light coats(get it at Wal Mart not
an art $upply $tore)
(If you are not satisfied w/ how polymer medium works.) But be careful!..Bill
PS ... A safer less awkward approach to this would be to make this on
1/8"masonite (hardboard) It could be worked on upon a table instead of
overhead/ any where at school /at home/somewhere else /Then Attach to the
wall when completed. Its only $6-$8 a 4' x 8' sheet -the lumber yard will rip
it into lengths for you.*The main reason I do everything detached from a wall
is that sooner or later some ignorant @$$ is going to come along & paint that
wall! Right over your mural!