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Mr A T Crummy (eilean)
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:28:32 +0100

I am a lecturer based in London, I run a Public Art education program and I
am preparing a proposal for a research programme and wish to try out the
following questionnaire.
I have enjoyed the emails from artsednet and thought this maybe of interest
to some out there.
It is only a draft so please feel free to comment.

Communiversity Questionnaire

This introductory questionnaire seeks to identify if we learn arts and
cultural from social and community
settings. If this is true, can this woven into an arts education programme.

This questionnaire comes out of an international conference that was held
last year which discussed issues of
Public Art, technology, community and education. If you wish to read the
conference report, please do on my website

Ask yourself the following questions. They are just for fun and you're your
eyes only. Each answer is either yes or no. Highlight your answer but making
underling Yes or no.


1. Are you creative? Yes No

Good Luck!

1. Creativity

Everyone is creative is someway, how are you creative?

A. Are you interested in the Arts? Yes No

B. Have you completed an arts education program. Yes No

C. Do you use your creativity within your community? Yes No

D. Do you want to use your creativity within your community? Yes No

E. Is anybody in your family creative? Yes No

F. Are your friends creative? Yes No

G. Are your neighbours creative? Yes No

2. Community

A. Would you like to form a local arts group? Yes No

B. Are you in any local, national or international group? Yes No

C. Have you helped form any local group? Yes No

D. Do you think you work well with others? Yes No

E. Do you think you listen to others opinions with respect? Yes No

F. Do you enjoy working in a team? Yes No

G. If you have completed an arts programme, have you gained employment? Yes

H. Is this employment Arts related? Yes No

3. Learning: formal education, social , community and cultural

A. Did you learn about creativity and the arts from the following list:

Primary School ? Yes No

Secondary School? Yes No

College ? Yes No

Adult education ? Yes No

Your family? Yes No

Visiting Art Galleries? Yes No

Your friends? Yes No

Shopping ? Yes No

Television ? Yes No

Radio ? Yes No

Neighbours ? Yes No

Holidays ? Yes No

Day trips ? Yes No

Theatre ? Yes No

Festivals ? Yes No

Concerts ? Yes No

Food ? Yes No

Music? Yes No

Religion ? Yes No


Yourself ? Yes No

B. If you have gone through an arts education process has your behaviour
change? Yes No

C. If you have learnt an artistic skills from your family has it change your
behaviour? Yes No

D. If you have learnt an artistic skills from your friends has it change
your behaviour? Yes No

4. Local resources

A. Do you use any local resources for arts events? Yes No

B. Do you think an arts education programme encourages you to finding and
using more local resources?
Yes No

C. Do you have problems gaining access to local resources Yes No

D. Do you have personal problems, that stop you from gaining access to local
resources Yes No

5. Technology

A. Before doing an arts course did you have any computer skills? Yes No

B. Do you have access to a computer on a regular basis? Yes No

C. Do you own a computer? Yes No

6. . Health

A. Do you have a health problem? Yes No

B. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or low self-esteem? Yes No

C. Are you receiving treatment for this health problem? Yes No

D. Do you find completing Art projects helps your health ? Yes No

E. Do you think you are dyslexic? Yes No

F. While on the education programme has your health improved? Yes No


Weaving our individual cultural and artistic history is a complex and rich
story to tell, that relates to all our

I know I am stating the obvious here, but I hope from this short
questionnaire that you can see our own
cultural and artistic ability is linked to family and community and can be
very positive for our environment,
health, etc. Art is not something we just learn at School, College or
University. The way we learn and
weave our individual cultural and artistic is a much more complex process.
We learn more about art and
cultural outside educational institutions, but art educational systems
generally do not recognise this.

If you wish to send me your results of your questionnaire I would be
delighted to read them.

If you interested in being involved in a larger research programme or would
wish to part of an Arts
program, which involves distance learning, Community, Public Art, technology
and health please contact:

Andrew Crummy