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Paint that comes with Windows 95

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croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 09:56:07 -0400

Yesterday, I wrote:
>I have found that PAINT is an excellent freebie that comes with Windows 95,
but I'm curious as to how everybody else uses this program.
Do you use it just for drawing, or do you use it in conjunction with other
programs? Please share your ideas!
Most of the responses have been to suggest OTHER software to use.

As it is, I have ArtDabbler 2, Painter Classic, Hyperstudio, CorelDraw, and
Painter 5 with a Wacom tablet.

Last year, our middle school was fortunate enough to have a second computer
lab added which allowed me to schedule in the art classes, but the only
software available was PAINT. I HAD to learn everything about it, in order
for the students to be able to use the computer lab.

Also, when surveying my students, I found that NONE of them had paint/draw
programs on their computers at home. So, it was my thinking...that if they
could master this (free) Paint program that they already had at home, their
parents would probably be more apt to purchase additional (more advanced)
software for them....and this is what has happened.

I learned all that I could and in turn, have shown the students many lessons
to do using Paint...and in doing so, they learned a lot about copying,
cutting, pasting, importing, exporting, flipping/rotating...working with
clip art to change it so it suited their needs or likes...scanning in their
drawings and adding color...using Paint in conjunction with Microsoft Works
(Word), Microsoft Publisher, Power Point, etc....creating wallpaper to
change the background on their computer screens.

We also added Hyperstudio toward the end of the what they had
already learned in Paint helped them to create exciting presentations.

This year I have added Dabbler to the lab, and Painter Classic to the
computer in my classroom.

I teach a workshop on PAINT to the teachers in our school system. The
teachers are the ones who hesitate to master or to even learn to use the co
mputer. I know there are excellent programs on the market that will do
everything that PAINT will do and do it easier. ...but a lot of them don't
even realize what CAN be done on the computer. I find our students know
more about computers than most of our teachers.

In the workshop for the teachers, we make handouts and worksheets to use
with their classes, seating charts, business cards, puzzles, classroom
posters, cards, award certificates, and much more. This "hooks" many of
them after realizing what they can do and many do go on to purchase other
software. Granted, a lot of teachers just take the workshop for "renewal
credit" and will probably NEVER benefit by any technology classes they take.

I guess I did not make my request very clear in the beginning, but I was
trying to find out what OTHER types of things that people use PAINT
for....but apparently art teachers do NOT use Paint, since so much other
software is available in regards to art.

Carolyn Roberts
E. B. Frink Middle School
Kinston, NC