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Re: favorite photographs pref. B/W

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 00:34:46 -0400

I would also like to add
Diane Arbus
and of course all the photos taken of Georgia O'keefe along with her
paintings would be a nice lesson.
Perhaps a study in black and white paint of a "said Photo".
i.e. Photo of Georgia O'keefe
black and white study of Photo (or one of her paintings) of Georgia
I am not an O'Keefe fan but a still life of Cactus taken with black
and white film at different angles,then put back together.
If a trip to NY is out of the question perhaps obtaining slides
would be nice. I believe the Whitney(but maybe the Guggenheim) has a
room filled
with Steiglitz photos.Perm. Collection. Is it Swanson who is
photographed behind black lace with her hands on either side of her
cheeks? The eyes are lit,but the rest is in shadow.

Which reminds me
Norman Rockwell lesson:

Have children split into small groups of 2 or 3 each. They will pose
as the models of Rockwell's did in his pictures. Rockwell took
pictures of Models and then painted from his photos. He used many
people from the town in Virginia(I'm too tired to look up so I may
be wrong) pose for him. These were action poses. Anyway i.e.-
"Dentist" or "Lost tooth"
Is a good example. The kids pose themselves and then each one takes
a photo of the pose as the lesson. Before hand work with the group
as a whole posing for different pictures ,found in various books.
This lesson was done with ages 2nd 3rd and 4th grades.
It really did help with kids understanding composition and how the
artist looked and thought out his composition before taking picture
and then the painting of it.
There are other lessons for rockwell but they involved:
Designing Sat. Evening Post cover.
Studying the 4 Freedoms
and placing self in Rockwell painting,or doing self portrait as
did. In actuality to learn of the artist is also learning and using
his technique and the tools and mediums he used as well as subject

P.S. If you want to be contemporary,then you could look at the
photos of Michael Stipe: He toured with Patti Smith as a
photographer and has a book out on her. I haven't seen it but heard
him on Charlie Rose a month or so ago. (Yes the same Michael Stipe
with REM)

Michael Keller wrote:
> The Steerage by Alfred Steiglitz
> Almost anything by Duane Michals. In fact, rather than suggesting particular
> images, I'd suggest you browse the library (or the college photo teacher's
> library) for any texts of/by:
> William Albert Allard (longtime National Geographic photographer)
> Nicholas Nixon (large format "candid" images of rural folk)
> Olivia Parker (still lifes)
> Todd Walker (photographs repurposed through printmaking media)
> Marion Post Wolcott (rural documentarian)
> Dorthea Lange (likewise)