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Re: real artists, cool aritsts...

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nop62861 (teresatorreseca)
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 21:53:28 +0200

LITESAL escreveu:

> Wendy Sauls wrote:
> >people. for example, in a recent issue of artnews or artforum or art in
> >america (they all seem to come at once and i forget which is which!) there
> >was a piece about liza lou. she does these installations in beads, a
> >kitchen and a picnic scene were featured in the article. i had seen/heard
> >a little about her before and was fascinated and enthralled reading and
> >looking at the piece. so many aspects of her work are compelling to me, her
> >method/technique, inspiration, subjects, labor... her work seems all at
> >once fantastic, surreal, expressive, decorative... wowie-zowie!
> Dear Wendy (and all),
> The article you speak of, was in Art In America. Her work was
> fascinating, and ambitious! Talk about all -consuming passion, she wants to
> bead everything! I am especially interested in how her chosen medium
> informs her subject (traditionally feminine decorative arts/feminist
> issues).
> Two artists that interest me (as a painter), are Paula Rego and Eric
> Fischl. Narratives are compelling to me, I like to look at the scene and
> imagine what happened, is happening, and will happen. I have done that
> since I was young(er).
> Contemporary art is a gold mine! It is informed by the past, but
> speaks to us, and our contemporary issues. It's worth taking a look.
> Sincerely,
> Leah

Hello from South Europe

I am receiving your messages since May . It is a litlle difficult to me
follow all of your ideas because of the language and mostly because of
differences between our social and cultural backgrounds. In Portugal ( i
am from
there ) art education is not quetionned, it is rather a great tradition
public education. Our educational system is more centralysed and less
flexible (
well we can always turn out the difficulties ) , we have national
national sylabus ( from primary school to hight school ), nacional
There are a lot of disvantages and some good things too. We value art
for different reasons but i think portuguese people believe more or
less that
art is an important field of knowledge.
But art in Portugal is very conservative, not because they are against
post-moderns or contemporary art but because portuguese critics don't
appreciate portuguese art unless it is a copy of american, english,
french or
german (cutting edge) art. That's a long story.

Leath told about Paula Rego, she is a portuguese painter who lives in
And Eric Fischl, and about the narrative in art , it touch me so buch
that i
broke my comfortable silence. I think art is always narrative, because
it is a
way we use to communicate things about us, about life . Art, whatever
the media
could be: installation, happening, watercolors, drawing on the beach is
language to talk of beauty and society . When we just critic the status
of the
world and the decadence of humanity we have a nihilist conception , may
be it is
the final step of the death of art pronnounced by Marcel Duchamp and
contemporary artists.
The other side of art: the quest for the "absolut" , the contemplation
and the
beauty is also narrative ( even and namely a Rotko ), not any more a in
deconstructionist terms of Derrida but in new terms, in a new hope for
that must be an intervention in social, political and philosophycal
terms. What
i try to do as an artist and as an art teacher (in hight school )is to
the people, giving critical and conceptual capacities to youngs and
showing my
description of beauty through my art work.
I wonder if one of you wants to read a so long and so badly writen text
Anyway thank you so much to all of you.