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Re: Printing at art camp

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Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:33:25 EDT

In a message dated 98-06-15 21:39:58 EDT, gregjuli writes:

<< Susan,I have a printing process that I think your art campers will enjoy.
It is
flower pounding. You use different grasses and flowers and lay them on
fabric ( I
used white muslin) with a covering like a sheet of paper. Then you pounded
with a hammer. You don't need to pound hard to get some nice prints of the
on the fabric. Be sure to have a padding of newspaper under the fabric. I
used this method on a white cotton jacket. I call it my Monet jacket.
I have not used this with students, but I got the idea from Family magazine
in an
article on crafts for kids. The project had kids making pillow cases.
Vinegar is suppose to help set the color but I don't remember the portions.

I just did this with some kids, but didn't have material so we did it on white
drawing paper. Worked really well. I did it in the past on pillow cases and
t-shirts with kids, thinking that the vinegar solution would set the color
from the plants, but it didn't! I was very disappointed. I set the kids up
with their flowers, a white piece of paper and two pads of newspaper (one on
the bottom and one on the top). They set their flowers in the compostion they
liked, put a pad of newspaper on it, then pounded away with a rubber mallet!
Lots of fun and great (almost instant) results. I have known others to have
the kids go into the prints with thin black markers which could be a nice
extra step.

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