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Re: Work found in trash/what about work left out at end of class?

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Gina Booth (
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 07:18:50 +0000 (GMT)

What about things the kids leave out? Currently I put them in the lost and
found. Maybe I could deduct points to let them redeem them? Most that
leave it out are yes, slobs, disorganized, however, many are kids who were
possibly so into their art they get busy on something else, leaving out
maybe something that was handed back, or else they got distracted, called
out or something. In other words, most people "losing" things would
deserve to loose points but it is so easy to toss it there for me. Having
to make judgement calls to all of those who argue why theirs wasn't really
"lost" would not be a fun responsibility. To have a deduction rule and
enforce it unconditionally would me a few would suffer that didn't deserve
it. Keep in mind, alot that is left out has no name on it anyway and I
often have no idea whose it is, or can only make an educated guess on
that, can't really be positive, especially after a day or two passes.

On Sun, 7 Jun 1998 Toulouse95 wrote:

> I request my high school students save everything in their portfolio,
> sketches, mistakes and failures as well as successes to show their progress.
> They know not to let me find half decent stuff in the trash. If I do, I tell
> the culprit I am going to have to redo their grade -- if they consider the
> work trash, I guess I should, too.
> That brings about a change of heart.
> > It breaks my heart when kids throw their work in
> > the trash after they've put forth so much time and effort and created
> > beautiful art. I'm trying this out right away.
> > Judy
> >