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real artists, cool artists...

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wendy sauls (wsauls)
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 16:03:17

asking who are real artists seems to be a pretty nonsensical question...

one of the questions my middle school students ask me on the first day of
class when we are getting to know each other is who my favorite artist is,
or favorite arwork. i tell them this is almost impossible for me to answer
because i love so many. i don't have a favorite color, either. why should
we be limited like that? no fun! just like with food - i adore
raspberries but certainly wouldn't want to eat nothing but...

one of the things i get the most joy from is "discovering" new art and
artists to love and sharing and discussing them with other art-minded
people. for example, in a recent issue of artnews or artforum or art in
america (they all seem to come at once and i forget which is which!) there
was a piece about liza lou. she does these installations in beads, a
kitchen and a picnic scene were featured in the article. i had seen/heard
a little about her before and was fascinated and enthralled reading and
looking at the piece. so many aspects of her work are compelling to me, her
method/technique, inspiration, subjects, labor... her work seems all at
once fantastic, surreal, expressive, decorative... wowie-zowie!

instead of (in my opinion, wasting time) debating which artists are real,
how about sharing which ones we think are really COOL? we could focus on
ones who are more obscure, even, or new, or who haven't become big names
yet, or even art forms would be neat, too. i think this would be a lot
more fun, and productive/postive growth oriented.

it could even be great to talk about art we think is yuk. i claim/strive
not to hate any art/artists but some really give me the creeps on a
personal level, like bacon (secret propagandist for vegans, perhaps?).

so, who's cool and who gives you the heebie jeebies (not neccessarily a bad
thing, i guess)?

:) wendy

Wendy Sauls
Art Teacher, Kanapaha Middle School, Gainesville, FL
Doctoral Student, Art Education, Florida State University
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