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Re: is anyone out there?Bill's still here.

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Hoor (chagall)
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 02:08:17 +0400

I think what you're saying is really good, there are also artists who aren't
white who are good, for example, Frida Kahlo and Chris Offili.
There are many students who are learning about the history of art or are
studying fine art who aren't white (i.e. moi!) and I think in some way that
would discourage and upset many people. I don't thin race is an issue in any
case or sex for that matter.
People who aren't white (black or semite like me), faced the same problem
women did years ago.
Only now, in the twentieth century are people opening up to these issues and
taking them into consideration. Art, I believe, is an international language
that speaks to people from all over the world and says something different
to each person. One person cannot judge what it should say or be to the
whole world. And can't judge an artist by his race or gender!
Anyway, I think I have made my point..I can go on forever.

[By the way, I am an 18 year old girl, from the middle east, going to art
college to study fine art in London (Slade School of Fine Art in UCL). ]


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Subject: Re: is anyone out there?Bill's still here.

>>SOCIETY THROUGH ART. Art represents human nature/spirit which doesn't
>>color. MULTICULTURALISM, in some form is a REQUIREMENT in our
>>How can someone who teaches and relates with children not find value in
>>art?! What kind of message is that giving out?
>I couldn't agree with you more. We as teachers are here to open our
>student's eyes to the world...not just the white man's world, but the
>entire world.
>>From Oklahoma
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