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taylorh (taylorh)
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:02:54 -0700 (MST)

Agreeing to disagree is not unreasonable. In ideologies, as in education,
one size does not fit all. There will always be peoples who opt for a
singular vision of perfection. They've every right to make that choice.
We've each of us every right to go after the artworld we envision. As long
as that right's insured all around I've no problem with agreeing to
disagree. Everyone has a place at the table and I'm happy.

In a sense it's an ecology and one person's weed is another's greens.
Exterminate all the wolves and you don't know what'll take their place; a
plague of rodents or rabid coyotes. Something, in any case, and probably
something not very nice. On the other hand, in an environment with a lot
of diversity and competing/conflicting ideas and the "grizzleys" don't
ruin the picnic for everyone else... themselves included, ultimately.

Not that I don't count my fingers after shaking hands, mind you. :)

I expect, elwood, that we'll be "negotiating" over other issues yet to be
discovered. Look forward to it.


Now Malevich I like... 'course now he WAS a real Bolshevek, Tovarish.

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, elwood p dowd wrote:

> my malevich is better than your grandma moses any day
> just like one national socialist aryan is better than a dozen
> bolshevik pigs. let us agree to disagree my comrade.