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Re: Time saver ideas!

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Tue, 9 Jun 1998 23:40:33 EDT

I use yogurt cups for water, they stack and don't break. (I'm on a cart.) I
buy clear plastic bottles that have a 'needle nose' lid, I put watered-down
tempera (primary colors and white) in them. I have up to 40 kids in a class,
so I have 10 sets of these bottles so groups of four can share them. They
pour easily and neatly (they can count drops for accurate mixing). I also
have cheap plastic pallets (they cost about 30 cents each) with 6 small
'wells'. Kids pour and mix their own colors (they each have their own
pallet). At the end of class I have about 5 buckets of water set up in a
line. The first bucket starts out empty where they DUMP their extra paint and
water, in the next buckets (usually at least 4 half full with water) they WASH
their 'dishes', and at the end they STACK. I also have a lunch tray filled
with wet crumpled towels, I make them while the kids are painting, each kid
takes a wet towel (they are like homemade wipes) to wash their hands and
desks. Who says you can't paint on a cart with no sink? Sound exhausting?
At least I can then paint in each room (there is no time to wash in-between
classes, and I don't have enough supplies for more than one class)
I'm tired just typing about this!
:) Laura Allan

In a message dated 6/8/98 11:56:20 PM Central Daylight Time, Gail1611

<< Diana, I use for my k-8 th graders, low glass jars that salsa comes in.
than one kid can use it and I teach them to only fill them 1/2 way. This way
they can wipe the brush on the inside. I also show them what happens when
wipe on the edge. They don't like getting water flicked in their face (of
course I do it gently and just a little). These jars don't tip over either.
Keep the ideas coming ! Gail >>