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Fwd: is anyone out there?Bill's still here.

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Sun, 7 Jun 1998 13:43:06 EDT

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Subject: Re: is anyone out there?Bill's still here.
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 08:40:44 EDT
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Bill, here
I'm "out here" & thank God I'm Outta there!
School ended on Friday. I felt sad when the bell started to ring but I got
over it by the time it stopped.
My wife & I fortunately work together in the same school-Angela is the Home-
School Coordinator so we can eat lunch in my room.
Anyway, we decided to work on all the workdays-
So We'll get out on friday. I enjoy workdays
because I get alot done & Angela & I avoid the chit chat & Gossip by eating
together all year
-a lot safer that way- so all of the going's
on in the halls & congregating in rooms-Goofing off-doesn't drag us down & we
get alot done.
I wish I had the momentum at the begining
of school that I have at the end-ideas coming forth-Instead of the stupor I'm
in when school's back in-Kinda helps me know
how my students feel, though. I hope I can discipline myself to keep active &
& Do Some Art For Me over the summer.
I agree the list has dwindled down (& that's why I don't feel guilty making
a long post) but
I for one have been overwhelmed by the traffic on the list & I am left w/100+
messages -'cause I just ain't had da time!
If y'all get a chance-There's a Calder Retrospective at the Nat. Gallery &
a Diebenkorn(My favorite Artist) at the Phillips
Collection(3 floors)/in DC\Other Things too-Degas Races etc.going on at the
National Gallery & there's Always the Smithsonian & Tourist etc for the Spouse
& Kidz(But they'd
evjoy Calder as much or more than we would.)
It has been a pleasure to commune with all
of you-It has made a very positive difference in my school year.I'm in a
unique system w/2 schools - my K6 & I never get to see the HS teacher a mile
away. So since February I have had a circle of friends. I'll try to stay in
touch between trips...Bill