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Re: First art project:LINE -- long post

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Sat, 6 Jun 1998 22:35:22 EDT

My Creative Name Designs were done with 6-7-8th Grade but can be adapted for
lower grades. The first 2 weeks ALL my grades start with the Art Elements:
LINE...even K! And they and can be very creative with it. I have included the
Lesson Plan for Name Designs.. I wish you could see these. They are
impressive! The objective is to fill all the paper space.

Creative Name Designs: LINE

Objective: The student will:
Understand the definition of line.
Identify a variety of lines and be able to creatively combine them.
Recognize hidden lines in many things. ( Contours)
Successfully utilize the information about line in a simple design.

Time allotted:40 min classes-4-6

Materials and preparation:
9x12 White Drawing paper for Lower Grades.
12x18 White Drawing Paper for 6-8th grades.
Colored Markers.
Prepare a Demo Board with the following:
A LINE is a dot that travels somewhere.
It can be the contour or edge of a shape
the outline of an object.

Show slides or pictures with linear quality. (to discuss outlines, and how
line can be contour). Have students identify lines in the classroom

Types of Lines: vertical, horizontal, diagonal / , curved (, zigzag /\/\/\,
scallopped, dotted .....,broken - - - wiggly, spiral
Here the children start brainstorming, offering their ideas of lines and
drawing them on the board.

Guided Exploration:
1. The children will now invent combinations of lines or new ones.
i.e ........... /\/\/\/\/\/\ (.(.(.(. <->-<-> (You get the idea!)

2. Class 2: They are to write their name across the middle of the
paper---Very LARGE. This can be done in script, printing or block
letter,...student's choice.

3. The line designs will go around the name contour. Colors will be chosen
and alternated. This is a good time to introduce some of the principles of
design. (Repetition, Alternation, Gradation) to be incorporated into the

4. If block letters are used, students will design in these also but they
need to accent the outlines of the letters so they can be differentiated from
the rest of the design.

5. Continue until the paper is completed.

Evaluation: Does the student have:
Knowledge and understanding of a variety of lines?
Understanding of line as contour?
Evidence in the work of using lines in combination.