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Kurt Hasselman (kprs)
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 15:15:01 -0400

I also do line, and "stole" this project from somewhere. I give each kid a red
pencil, a blue pencil, a ruler and a piece of paper. I explain to them that they
are "drawing" a kindergarden class, with 4 rows of 3 students, and one teacher.
Each student is represented by a rectangle, and this rectangle must be done in
lines that make it look like a piece of notebook paper. You know, blue lines
horizontally, and one red line down the left side of the margin, with 3 black
holes representing the loose leaf part. Now here is where the fun starts. They
DO NOT make it look exactly like notebook paper, but they must have parallel blue
lines, one red line, and 3 black dots. So, for example, they pick a personality
for one of the twelve students--happy. They would take the parallel blue lines,
and curve them upward, like a smile. The red line could also excentuate the
smile, the 2 dots would be the eyes, and perhaps one would be for the nose. If
another one of the students' personalities was--messy..then all the blue lines
would be overlapping and half erased out, the 3 dots could be rough edged, and the
red line could be thick and thin....anyway,

The final result is their are 12 pieces of paper, some with corners drawn folded,
or pieces 'eaten' out of them (hungry), with parallel blue lines, 3 dots, and one
red line. At the head of the class is the teacher, also represented by a piece of

My students have always liked this gets them to think about lines,
and some of them even are drawn into shape, by distorting the shape of the piece
of paper (paper airplanes, ripped paper, folded paper, crumbled paper---all with
their lines and dots in following the shape).

When displayed, these are always thought provoking as well.

San D

\arshArt wrote:

> Debra, I teach k-8 and the first project I do for the year is teaching about
> line....types of lines and how they can be combined( a straight line on a
> dotted line, etc) then I have them incorporate them on a name design done on
> 12x18 white paper. They can use script, block letters, balloon letters or
> whatever.The objective is to fill the whole page, using markers and varieties
> of line. The results were spectacular! BUT the real benefit was that I learned
> everyone's name. They worked on these for 6 class periods (40min).
> Marsha
> Pompano Beach, FL