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Re: About Printing with Linoleum?Try stencils/collagraphs for safety

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taylorh (taylorh)
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 10:29:53 -0700 (MST)

Monoprints: paint on acetate or mylar (lay over drawing?) I use fingerpaint
for ink... pull print re-"ink" and so it again.

Block prints: Type 1: draw image on block with glue,
bathtub calk, glue and string or yarn-soak it in?)
If you want it realy "tight" make the calk flat on top
by giving a matboard edge all around the block and coming up
or out from the block by about 1/8" lay a sheet of wax paper
over the top and stack another block on top to flatten out
the calk evenly like it WAS linoleum. (collotype)
Type 2: get that foam used in meat trays from your butcher
I think NASCO sells it too. draw on in in thich lead pencil
or work in a design like you would with leather or copper
foil. Ink & print like any normal block.
Type 3: cut your shapes out of heavy construction paper
or sponge even cloth maybe (like denim) and glue
shapes onto block. you might want to prime it, especially
the cloth with a coat of white acrylic. (collotype)

Fish prints: (Remind me of the japanese word for this) Ink whole fish from
the fish and meat counter and use them like blocks (smelly)
or find the rubber/plastic ones made especially for the
purpose. (NASCO?) you could also use jiggly/squishy
rubber snakes spiders and such stuff too.

Fingerprints! Ink lightly SO YOU CAN SEE the swirls etc and print spots of
color ala Seurat. use throw-away strips of paper to give
straight edges.