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Fri, 5 Jun 1998 20:07:20 EDT

Glennis wrote: "I have convinced the PTA at our
elementary school to fund an Art Cart program. I have most of the $
allocated but I also got $400 additional to spend on videos. Any
suggestions? I've seen a couple series in the art supply catalogs -but
it is really hard to choose anything not having viewed them."

A lot of videos pass over my desk and into my VCR in the hopes of finding
great ones for art teachers. While there are many artist and museum videos out
there, the challenge is to find some that are a good length for a typical
class session, interesting to young audiences (and mature ones!), that focus
on the aspect of making art and how that is a reflection of art and culture
but not an exposť on the more sensational aspects of the artists' lives, and
that do not have questionable language or live nudity. Nudes as art subjects
are another issue, and individual teachers have to make their own decisions
about what is appropriate for their classes given their school's or district's
position on the matter. Although we try to screen everything that goes into
our catalog with the above criteria, we encourage teachers to view the videos
they buy from us and if they are not what they think is right for their
situation, to return them to us. The video and complete curriculum sets that
we produce ourselves are also available for preview, allowing teachers and
administrators to know exactly what they are getting for their money. So all
said, be aware that not all videos are equal, and it is wise to preview or buy
with a return guarantee so that you will find things that can really be shown
in your classroom. Good luck with your search. I'd be happy to speak to you
more specifically if I knew what grade levels you teach and what topics you
are interested in. Call or write back if you like.

Amy Metcalfe
CRIZMAC Art & Cultural Education Materials, Inc.
(800) 913-8555
Free color catalog upon request