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Re: Re:Re: tjanting and tjap in batik.....

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John Bundy (jibundy)
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 20:56:29 -0500

Life is to Short......I know it's the end of the year...please say something
nice to each other.....thank-you both.....jibundy
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From: gregjuli <gregjuli>
To: Bunki Kramer <>
Cc: Courtney <court>;
Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 8:26 PM
Subject: Re:Re: tjanting and tjap in batik.....

>Bunki Kramer wrote:
>> >Dear Bunki:
>> >
>> >I am sorry to tell you that I am not quite pleased with your remark. If
>> >you have any sense of respect about another culture, I think you have to
>> >more conscious of your language and expression. I don't pretend to know
>> >everything, but I do know some thing. Saying words like 'Duh!' to
>> >foreign words can really offend some people whose culture is different
>> >yours.
>> Dearest Courtney,
>> Whoa. You are w-a-y off base here. I have re-read and re-read my message
>> you and there was no intention I find to give you the idea that I was
>> slamming another culture. Far from it! Saying "duh" was referring to my
>> ignorance of the pronouncation of these words and my being interested in
>> anyone steering me in the right direction. Anyone who has been on this
>> listserv for awhile knows my humor..,and my interest in learning new
>> things...and my willingness to share. Perhaps YOU should re-read my
>> again with a new perspective.
>> Despite the unnecessary tongue-lashing through the general listserv I
>> received, I thank you for answering my questions. Interestingly, I
>> several responses to my quest and it seems everyone so far has a
>> way of pronouncing these two words. looks like I'm back
>> square one!
>> AND....confused as ever, duh!
>> I'm going out on a far limb there anyone on the list from
>> Indonesia who can give us a definite pronounciation of the
>> words..."tjanting" and "tjap"?
>> Again, I would be eternally grateful. Toodles.......
>> Bunki Kramer
>> Los Cerros Middle School
>> 968 Blemer Rd.
>> Danville, California 94526
> When I first read Courtney's letter to Bunki I was confused about the
>comment. I just didn't see Bunki disrespecting anyone and I do not think
>ever would.
> MaryB.