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Re: A world without art

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freckles spots (freckles_spot)
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 13:53:04 PDT

I am an artist in the schools....I travel from school to school
presenting different lessons. For my introduction...I tell the
children..."I am an artist...what does that mean to you?" This starts a
discussion about what they think an artist is and what an artist does.
I teach mostly elementary age students and most of the time their
response to my question is "You paint paintings and draw pictures."
Then I tell them that I have never painted except in college but I do
draw and do ALOT more.

I explain how I worked as a Visual Merchandising Manager for Macy's in
Atlanta. We discuss the job of dressing manniquins and decorating the
store. I ask them if that is using my art talents....and they usually
say yes. I tell them how I have been an art teacher.

Then I ask them to imagine a world without artist. We would all have
the same haircut, wear the same clothes, the same shoes. All the chairs
would look the matter if you were at school, home or church.
All the buildings would look the same....McDonald's would look like
Wal-Mart that would look like school that would look like your home.
But thanks to artist, we all have different styles of haircuts, we wear
different designs and patterns on our clothes....our shoes are as unique
as our clothes. Each chair is designed for different reasons and
architects help design the many different buildings which make each city

Then I go into my lesson for the day.

Hope this helps
>From Oklahoma...where the wind from Mexico is finally gone...I
hope...ahhhhhh choooooooo

>From: Jana Nicol <nicol>
>To: "Arts Education List (E-mail)" <>
>Subject: A world without art
>Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 15:11:53 -0400
>Picture a world without the influence of art:
>There would be no music because music is an art, what about colors? How
about clothes? Those need to be designed, I guess everyone would wear
the same outfit? What about furniture, interiors, portraits? All of
those are artistic. Houses? Would we all live in caves? Architects are
needed to design houses (uh-oh, there's that "d" word!) Ha, ha.
>Can anyone add to this? I am trying to make a point to the CEO of my
company - that art IS important, that it NEEDS to be in the schools.

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