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Re: Generosity Repaid!

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 21:38:55 GMT

Hi everybody. As always Diane´s post is so very clever and well thought
out. I really do agree with what you said, even if I feel that my answer
was not in any way harsh. I want to emphasize(?spelling) how very important
to me this list is and like someone else said: "to delete messages is not
very hard" so better to hear everyone´s thoughts and then just "throw out
what one does not like". I do think we should conduct a polite discussion
and try to avoid hurting anybodys feelings, yet everyone has the right to
say what we feel and what we believe is important. We do want to discuss
art education but maybe we do not all see it in the same way and actually
that is O.K. But rightfully so we should respect eachothers comments and
feelings and therefor be able to express even a little disagreements. If we
all had the same ideas and believes this list would be rather dull I think.
It is also it´s diversity that makes it as good as it is. I actually hope
we continue to exchange ideas(also philosophical ones) because if we don´t
this list will not live too long.
I also hope everyone is having a great summer. I for one love having time
to make my own art and also to read. Here in the far north the sun is
shining 24 hours every day and since the summer is so short we enjoy every
second of it. Best regard to all of you, this list is very important to me.
All of it. Ciao Rosa

>Dear All:
>I have been away for ten days and I was startled to come back to what
>appears to be some angry (too strong?) or perhaps defensive exchanges on
>the list. I did check my mail periodically while I was gone and was
>surprised to see how rapidly a misunderstanding has developed on the list.
>I think now might be a good time for all of us who have been on the list
>for a while to think about the list itself: what we like about it, what we
>would like to change or improve or ways we could use this medium more
>effectively. I suspect we might find that the list is fine but that we
>need to process how we might use the list to better meet our needs. In
>other words, we might need to revise how we use it and think about it---in
>other words, we might need to change.
>I would also like to hear what people think about the differences between
>this type of communication and other more traditional communication
>vehicles. What kinds of aprehensions, fears, joys, excitement and delight
>do you experience with this type of communication? What kinds of solutions
>can people offer to make misunderstandings happen less often and how can we
>focus our listserv to help solve some of the problems we have in our
>First some ground rules.
>Let's be respectful of each other and try hard to avoid making value
>If we disagree with a statement that someone posts, ask first for
>clarification before making assumptions. This might be done off list for
>some things, depending upon the nature of your disagreement.
>Conduct a polite discussion, much like we would if we were in a
>professional setting or discussion.
>Acknowlege(sp?) each other and give honor to each other. We in art
>education, have a tough life and we desperately need kind words to help
>keep us, keeping on.
>Ask each other questions like, Have you thought of this or have you
>considered doing this?, for example. These indirect questions, are
>sometimes easier to hear than a direct statement such as, "I disagree with
>this or that".
>Avoid personal attacks or spamming, rather consider ways we can be
>supportive of each other. Harsh words once spoken are difficult to
>overcome. They pierce the heart and I believe when harsh words are
>received over the internet, they sting even more.
>If it is true, that Art Education is in crisis, remember we need everyone
>to help solve our problems. Let us honor and celebrate each other, rather
>than being critical.
>Finally, communication on a listserv is very different than other forms of
>communication and remember to try very hard to be sensitive and thoughtful
>when you respond to the group. May I suggest that you re-read your posts
>before you send them and if you feel you are getting defensive or angry,
>wait a day or two and re-read your post. If you still feel the same way
>and your post is supportive and constructive, send it on.
>In conclusion, I have sent angry posts to people in the past and for this I
>am sorry. These kinds of things only make things worse instead of better.
>If there is anything to forgive, let us forgive...and let us evaluate our
>wonderful listserv with an eye toward making it more effective...I suspect
>we haven't even begun to tap this fabulous resource.
>Warmest regards to all and looking forward to hearing your ideas about the
>Diane C. Gregory, Ph.D.
>Associate Professor of Art Education
>Department of Art and Design
>Southwest Texas State University
>San Marcos, Texas 78666
>dg09 (university e-mail in San Marcos)
>dianegregory (home e-mail in Austin)