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Re: Generosity Repaid!

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carla harwitt (
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 22:01:12 -0700 (PDT)

Sandra - Art education is very tied up with the First Amendment. I'm not
just talking about Robert Mapplethorpe here, I'm talking about the Venus
de Milo and Michelangelo's David and many others. Who is supposed to
decide what words are sufficiently "important" to take up your VALUABLE
SPACE (you know, as long as you keep using your delete key you can have
unlimited e-mail space).

> We DON'T need philosophers...
> I am an ART teacher, concerned with education, I want and NEED ideas
> not a philosophy.

So you're an art teacher, huh? How do you explain the Renaissance without
philosophy? How do you account for the abstraction of art since the birth
of photography? What is an artist without philosophy, anyway --- a
craftsman? (Sorry to all you crafters out there - I'm just trying to make
a point.)

> Deborah- I for one WANT to hear about the state of art education today,
> it's VERY important to me as a teacher. If you want sweet elixir try
> another web sight.

I'm sad to hear that you think all art education is such a bowl of
vinegar. Art is more and more coming in to all the disciplines taught in
school, and many more students took the AP Art History test this year than
in prior years. These are "sweet" tidbits.

> Rosa- Art education is not in a crisis because we are not philosophers,
> we then would be teaching philosophy. I for one am NOT a philosopher.

So there must be a lot of art critics and art historians wasting their
time as well as yours...

> Margaret- I HATE this light-hearted "junk" Its just a waste of time...
> I don't think that Robert's post has an UGLY tone of censorship in it
> at all, he is just stating his opinion which I agree with, so don't
> ruffle your feathers.

So Robert's views are okay because *you* agree with them, but the views of
people with whom you do not agree are ust "junk."

> Carla in LA.
> Get serious-!!! Do you think this is a joke??

Well, did you hear about the art teacher who...Actually, I can't imagine
teaching any subject without interlacing some humor. The tone of your
letter sounds extremely Calvinistic - but they don't believe in the arts.
How do you teach your students the joy of creation without lightening up?

> I too do NOT think this page was designed for home-spun philosophers
> but for people who are concerned with Art Education.

Actually, the Getty designed this page for art educators, to take in what
directions we will. It is your prerogative not to read something I write;
it is not your right to decide whether or not I get to write it.

I want to exchange ideas with other
> art educators on pressing issues which affect our profession

Okay, Sandra. I'm an art educator. So present to me some of your ideas.
I'm looking forward to reading them.

--Carla in LA