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anamorphic art

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 13:38:01 -0700

Some of this info might be interesting to others on this listserv so though
I'd post it to the group:

>I just found your message on anamorphic art on ArtsEdNet. I have some
>good info on anamorphic art and I am always looking for more.
>If you are still on line for the summer, drop me a note and I will
>look up the bibliographical info for you.
>Ken Pinkerton
>Humboldt County, CA

Hi, Ken.......Thank you 4 responding to my posting. I've kinda been left on
my own devices with my query. I'm guessing many of the listserv don't do
this sort of thing or do it at an elementary level with the cylinder grid
and the toilet paper roll (though I don't discount its interesting merits,
rest assured). I really wanted to carry it a little further.

I had a couple of listerv friends mention the book HIDDEN PICTURES which
again dwells on the cylinder thingy. On my own I stumbled across, just in
the last two weeks, a good book called OPTICAL ILLUSIONS IN ART in the
children's section of BARNES AND NOBLE BOOKSTORE in Cal.(it's at school so
I can't give you the ISBN # at the moment). It has a small grid ala
Holbein's grid. (BTW...midway through this process, I discovered how
Holbein designed his grid using perspective.) I blew it up on copy machine
quardruple-time and pieced together til I wound up with something large
enough to fill a 18x24" paper. I made a few of these grids on matboard and
cut out to use for stencils for the kids. Students just trace around and
made markings around edges and later go back in and fill in the grid VERY
lightly. The first square grid they copy their drawing from can be from any
sized square. It works1 You can view their drawings/paintings from one side
of the room (from right OR left depending how you place your grid before
you start).

I know there is another book out there called ANAMORPHIC ART by a french
author which has been translated to English and costs $75. BARNES & N. said
they would order it for me but that I wouldn't be charged for it if I
didn't want it and they would put it on their shelf or return it to
manufactor. In any case, I ordered it and it hasn't come in yet but I'm
curious to see what it has to say.

The video MASTERS OF ILLUSION is a super tie-in and lead-up-to-project.

I've spend hours and hours at the county library and two local university
libraries and everywhere information has been bone-dry on this subject.

If you have anything to add to what I've been able to find, I would really
appreciate hearing from you. I'd really like to hear from you regardless
and find out just what you have done with this fascinating art!! Lookin'
forward to your reply! Cya..........

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
Danville, California 94526

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