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Re: American Vision

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carla harwitt (
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 18:24:56 -0700 (PDT)

It's interesting to read about the current generation having a dark vision
of the future. I don't know how old you are but I was born in 1954. My
generation grew up thinking we'd be killed by an atomic bomb dropped by
Russia before we reached adulthood. I think that's one of the reasons
there was such a strong protest against war in the '60s.
Now that the Cold War is over, which was inconceivable in my youth, I
think my generation is more positive about the future. I am a former
corporate lawyer who switched to teaching to help contribute to that
future and I know of a number of professonals in their '40s who have
switched to some sort of "helping" job instead of law, medicine, whatever.
I probably feel more optimistic about the future than I have at an earlier
time in my life (despite a current spate of personal troubles).

--Carla in LA

On Sat, 7 Jun 1997, Numo Jaeger and Michael Miller wrote:

> Henry,
> I am a big fan of your writing! You always write such thought
> provoking comments on the keeps me thinking and looking for
> possiblities. Looking for truth. Looking for connections.
> I was watching the American Visions program myself the other night
> and felt the same way. Political, ethical, idealistic...I would like to
> know more about American Art.
> I think that uncertainty is uncomfortable. The pop culture doesn't
> want to embrace uncertainty. The pop culture likes clean answers. Clear cut
> decisions. The "good guy" wins in the end. Heck...I don't like
>'s scary. Stepping into empty space with no hand holds. It
> requires faith in the universe. Faith and uncertainty need to be together.
> Does our culture, does the world culture have hope and faith? Many
> of the students I am working with have dark visions for the future. Fear,
> violence, hunger, homelessness, gangs...the list goes on and on...We lack a
> common goal to unite us together. There seems to be a new "me" generation
> out of necessity. I have to get my piece of the pie before the pie is gone.
> Perhaps pop culture needs boundaries to push against. The rules and
> boundaries are there prevent chaos, uncertainty and provide a comfort level.
> Perhaps it is like that because it requires less thinking. Thinking requires
> effort.
> I would like to read more of your thoughts on uncertainty.
> Numo Jaeger