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culture, artists block, deadline etc.

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Wed, 26 Jun 1996 13:59:55 GMT

I have been away (enjoyed a great time in N.Y., also the country in N.H.)
and one of the first thing I did on my return home was to read all the
interesting mail on this listerserv. And as always there are some great
discussions going on. I have allready ordered the book by Julia Cameron,
THE ARTIST=B4S WAY, and look forward to read it during the summer with all
the others I intend to read. It is one of the great things about this group
to share not only ideas but also recommend good books or give good advice.
I have found the discussion on "Teaching Culture" very interesting and
Eileen=B4s response on the 25th of June where she describes her method to
teach "culture" to her fourth grade is a great idea. Here in Iceland our
culture through the centuries evolved so much about literature, we always
had books or manuscripts but not as much visual art or architecture.I also
remember reading in an English dictionary that "culture" means"a given way
of life of a given people at a given time", or something like that. So I
thought I would look up what it says in our Icelandic dictionary about the
word "culture", so here it is: the maturity of the human ability, the
training of man, the training of mind, knowledge of working with the hands,
spiritual life, comon heretige(normally created by many generations). I do
think we can teach our students so much about other peoples culture
through the arts. They can read the literature, make and eat the food, do
art, music and dance etc. And to change an entire school into "french
school" or "norwegian school" for a week does give students insight into
the "culture" of these countries.
Mark Alexander=B4s points on artist=B4s block and deadlines I find also very
interesting. First let me tell you it has seriously always been a way for
me to get working again to clean up my studio. I don=B4t know what it is but
it seems to work, it is like a way of getting on to my own path again. As
far as the students who just sit there and cannot seem to get going I think
like someone else said there is no one correct way to change that but with
the right stimulation and constant working it comes. I also think that an
artist has to work all the time, what I mean to work regularly and continue
working even when it does not seem to be the best work she is producing for
in order to produce one great work she has to make many average ones. I
guess this is exactly what Eileen was saying and you Mark when you talked
about Robert Frost and his poems. This is why I like this group so much you
so often think and say exactly what I would have liked to say. Looking
forward to more, rosa