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Beth Kanter (kanter)
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 16:40:36 -0400

Hello! I work for Arts Wire, a national online network for artists and
arts organizations.
We have established working partnerships with a number of online networks for
artists around the world and do get a lot of material and contacts from
other countries, including Russia and other Eastern block countries. This
is the type of information that we generally post on Arts Wire's online
community -- but thought I'd share these contacts with you.

Best of luck.

Tel: 212-643-1985
Margie Barclay, Director of Development for CEC International Partners.
CEC is a non-profit international cultural exchange organization which
provides support and expertise for individuals and organizations involved in
the arts, education and environmental preservation through international
exchange partnerships between the U.S. and East/Central Europe and the
former Soviet Union. Programs include: ArtsLink, which provides grants for
U.S. artists for Collaborative Projects in East/Central Europe and the
former Soviet Union, and for U.S. organizations to host artists and arts
managers from the Region.

NEA Web Page

Check the resource library. The International Arts Program has maintained a
resource guide on the Arts Wire gopher since 1994. The guide includes
comprehensive list of contacts around the world. I don't know the exact
link. It is linked off of Arts Wire's gopher which is linked our map page: Follow the gopher link to
Arts Gophers of the World or "Arts Gophers Resources Organized By Arts Wire."

Other misc. contacts that from Russia that have visited the Arts Wire Web
page . . .:

Dmitry Latukhin
Head of Information Service Group Ural Regional Center of FREEnet Division
of WAN
Technologies Tel. 7 (351) 265-4992 Technical University of Chelyabinsk
Music Distance Education Project Home Page
Jazz and Classical Music Education U.S.A. - Russia Project MDEP Home Page

Tom Trusky <RENTRUSK>
He is from the Idaho Center for the Book which did an exhibition curated
by Peter Ford, "ZAKUSKI: A Taste of Russian Artists' Books," at the
Hemingway Western Studies Center
Galleries on the campus of Boise State University 26 January- 23 February
1996. (As bi-lingual
biblio-gourmets know, "zakuski" is the Russian language equivalent of hors
d'oevre or the starter
course in a meal.)

Paul Richardson
<ris> Organization: Russian Information Services
Organized a Russia-related exhibition was researching other Russian arts
resources on the Internet.
RIS Publications *Books, maps and periodicals on Russia Vermont & Moscow fax
802-223-6105 * ph 802-223-4955

From: Edupage, 28 March 1996
WIRING RUSSIA Philanthropist and financier George Soros has pledged $100
million over five
years to link an estimated 30 regional universities in Russia to the
Internet. The program will establish "Internet centers" at each of the
universities, and will provide
equipment, software and training at each site. The Russian government will
fund the satellite or
fiber optic hookups. "Universities in Russia traditionally have been a
center of intellectual life in
each region," says Soros, noting that scholars in the provinces are eager to
participate in
information exchanges with their colleagues throughout Russia and the world.
(Chronicle of Higher
Education 29 Mar 95 A23)

Ivan Kulakov <ivank>
siberian artist
tel 07 383 2 35 58 32 fax 07 383 2 35 01 32 e-mail ivank
Lives in Siberia - in Novosibirsk. He is an artist who makes
both oil paintings and graphics.
His Web Page:

He wrote this about his site:

As I know this site is the first one and the only one in Siberia. Actually I
make a gallery of siberian
artists in order to include the art of our enhormous region to the world art
network. But there are
some problems, which are mostly connected with absence of finances for
making of the
photographs of the paintings, scanning, traveling etc. Is any help provided
in your foundation for
such kind of activity? Is the project of Siberian virtual gallery
interesting for your foundation?

At 12:22 PM 6/14/96 EST, wrapf wrote:
>I have a colleague who has a student who is looking for information about
>censorship, state control, or other infractions of artists' (visual artists,
>not authors, musicians, or playwrights) liberty in the old Soviet Union or any
>Eastern block country. Are there web sites that have some listings, persons
>to whom she could communicate, articles, or publications that might be of
>assistance for this research? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
> Does anyone know the names of contemporary Soviet (Russian or Eastern block
>visual artists and where information about these individuals could be
> Has the fall of Communism effected their art and in what ways?
>E-mail me direct to
> "wrapf" or respond to the group. I'll be attached to this list
>until the 25th of June when I'll sign off for the summer.
>Thanks in advance
>Bill Rapf
>Souhegan High School
>Amherst, NH 03031
Beth Kanter Arts Wire Network Coordinator kanter