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Re: Courtesy!

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Teresa Tipton (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 10:33:21 -0700 (PDT)

These are two separate issues. UNSUBSCRIBE is one thing; voicing
appreciation, quite another. I agree, this is a great service and I have
sent appreciations at some point to some faceless e-mail address or two
in the Getty along the way, but let's not mix apples and oranges.
Advocacy comes in many forms and advocating to have this service to be
funded and continued should be a consensus with everyone who is
participating in ARTSEDNET. If our funders haven't heard it - THANK-YOU.
It should be clear by now that the Getty foundations have surpassed the
NEA in capital support to the arts and without their continued visionary
focus and support, we could not move forward.

What I find missing is the discussion about the art. Why isn't there
more discussion on the visual implications of Sandy Skoglund's work and
what it means to us as educators? Her work pushes the boundaries of
cultural norms, forms, and functions of art. Not to mention what we
could say about it aesthetically - how it may baffle, confound, awe, and
inspire us, all at the same time. How it is a brilliant evolution of
painting, opening a window or an eye on another way of feeling,
interpreting and experiening life, visions, dreams, fantasies while at
the same time, facing these images in a plastic version of themselves in
commercials, shopping malls, video games, and movies, - the influence of
and juxtaposition against a vapid television version of american culture we
consume in images every day, like a declining aesthetic, consuming us in
return. How her work excites me as an artist and an educator, how I think
I might use it with kids...

Can we talk about these things, too?

Teresa Tipton

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, wilderm wrote:

> I may be just the causal observer of the ARTSEDNET as my wife is the
> educator, but I detect something lacking. All the time we have been
> able to read and discuss matters pertaining to Art. I realize many of
> you were not able to attend the NAEA convention this past spring. But
> there are real faces and people behind that Email address. The local
> people in CA have a budget for ARTSEDNET and people to answer to just
> like any other business. Let them know you appreciate what has been put
> before you as you leave for the summer. Just "UNSUBSCRIBE" is rather
> tacky.