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[teacherartexchange] Resources to buy Fair Trade - enhance your cultural art lessons


From: Judy Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Jun 29 2011 - 08:43:07 PDT

Greetings All,

I made a post to Art4Peace the other day about Fair Trade. Folks wanted
to know more of my favorite stops, so I posted these to the list......I
check these sites often to see what is new. The closest Fair Trade
retailer to my home is about half an hour away. It is often cheaper for
me to pay postage than pay for gas - plus many of the sites offer FREE
shipping from time to time.

This post is lengthy, so I am apologizes now. I also apologize to those who feel this is off topic.
This is how I spend more of my time... I promote Fair Trade. I have many unique pieces of jewelry I made from beads purchased from Africa Direct. I have many gorgeous African art pieces in my home. I also spend a lot of time taking care of my fish. I have two freshwater aquariums housing freshwater fish from all over the world. There are good fish and bad fish. I gave away a four year old fish (a Leporinus from S. America - about 11 inches long!) a couple weeks ago as he turned into quite a bully all of the sudden. The fish he attacked has fully recovered, but had no chance as long as the Leporinus was still in the tank. The Leporinus was over four years old. I am also sharing my "words of wisdom" about freshwater fish care on many web sites. I have been retired from teaching for ten years, so don't participate as much on the lists.

Africa Direct:
I have purchased more from this site than any other site the past two
years. I love helping the people of Africa and Tibetan refugees by
purchasing from Africa Direct.

African Fabric Shop UK:
I have ordered several "fat quarters" and beads from this site. I have
used even more fabric samples in my tip in pages (saving images to file
of fabric I
like, but can't afford to buy right now)

Zimbabwe Artists Project:
If you liked the story quilts from Africa Direct that I share with the art
ed lists, then you will love what this site has to offer. At least, buy
the note cards. I bought two sets. One to keep and one to gift.

For "artsy" type stuff, I look first to Novica now. I know who made the
work and get a personal Thank You post card from the artist as well as a
hang tag with their story. My purchases come beautifully wrapped, too -
so any day of the year can be your birthday or Christmas. Sign up for
their email list so you know when there are free - or reduced - shipping
offers and special discounts. Right now, there is a 10% off jewelry

This is similar to Ten Thousand Villages, but is a Catholic supported project rather than Mennonite. Doesn't matter to me (smile) - I have no denomination now.
Right now SERRV has FREE Shipping for orders $50.00 and over. I could easily
reach that, but don't "need" anything. I do want the batik Indonesian
elephant but already have one (just don't like it as well as the one
offered by SERRV). I could justify getting the SERRV elephant if I gave
away the Hobby Lobby elephant that I bought years ago (for about 1/3 the
price - so definitely not fair trade....). Sign up for their email list

Hunger Site:
I have also purchased Fair Trade from The Hunger Site:
Be sure to Click to Give.... I had been clicking Breast Cancer for years
but never clicked around on the site to see what merchandise they
offered. I believe The Hunger Site may be the only store with Fair
Trade. I don't know how many cups of food I have purchased so far... but
it is a lot.  Warning... a lot of the merchandise on this site
is tacky-tacky. I only shop Fair Trade section. I did buy a couple
Novica items from this site, but now place all Novica orders through
Novica (so I get my Loyalty points). Get on their email list for free
shipping and coupon offers. Note: There is now a 20% off offer for
subscribers of their emails. You bet, I am checking to see what I want.

Ten Thousand Villages:
This is a project from the Mennonite Church. You will see that there are
stores across the country with the Ten Thousand Villages name - and many
other stores that sell the Villages merchandise (like Global Gallery,
One World - etc). I have been buying Villages merchandise since early
1990's when they were called Self Help. Get on their email list for free
shipping and coupon offers.

Gifts with Humanity:
I discovered this resource while shopping at Global Gallery in Columbus. I have purchased several gifts from this site.

Good Paper:
Wonderful handmade cards.

MarketPlace India:
My favorite place to shop for unique clothing. I buy something new each
season - and a couple on sale items each season. Hubby says I can't buy
anymore "coats of many colors" - chuckles. I have two Himalayan Coats
(ankle length - reversible coats) and four Raj jackets (also reversible -
for a total of 8 looks!). the one side of my first Raj jacket is a bit
worn out at the cuffs, but the other side is good as new. I bought both
Himalayan coats on sale and all Raj jackets on sale. Shipping coast of
gone up, so I don't know how much more I will buy at full price (I did
call them that I thought $11.00 was too high shipping charge for a
blouse I wanted). I always get compliments on my clothing. I tell folks
where I buy it, but I am still one-of-a-kind. I
don't see myself (my look/clothes) coming and going.

Kalistah: Craft Network:
I haven't purchased from this site, yet.

Exotic World Gifts:
Don't remember how I found this site.... but I did buy an elephant painting
(painted by an elephant)! (actually, a reproduction as her originals are
far too expensive for me).

World of Good (eBay)
I have purchased a few items through this section on eBay. I bought a fantastic Noah's Ark from Kenya - all Jacaranda wood. I also bought a lovely fabric flower (from a source I will list below, too).

This is the source for the Noah's Ark:
I wanted a Noah's Ark for my son when he was little. I saw a wood one in a
mail order catalog, but it was so expensive. I can't remember how much
it was now... but this one was very reasonable. We (hubby and I)
love it! We cleared off a book shelf to display it and will eventually
put up a light in the case to show it off better.

Dsenyo: African textile bags and accessories:
This is the source for the fabric flowers I bought - made in Malawi.

World Folk Art - New Mexico:
I have made several purchases from this site. Watch for very cool Frida Kahlo earrings! also fun Days of the Dead (hope they have those again as I didn't order those yet).

Bead for Life:
You can even order the beads loose to string up yourself. I ordered a bag
of loose beads and will string them up with some of my own paper beads.

I also have some links for Fair Trade straw hats - but with shipping, that would make for one very expensive hat - chuckles.

If you know a great Fair Trade resource (for buying art) that I didn't post - PLEASE share with all.

Adorn yourself with Fair Trade. Folks can tell I am an artist (grin).
Buy Fair Trade to enhance your lessons. Give messages to your students that it is a GOOD
thing to BUY art. Not all will be great artists, but all can appreciate
art. It brought me great pleasure to see former students of mine come
into Ten Thousand Villages to shop. I volunteered there for a couple of


Judy Decker

P.S. Since I was curious....I looked at the time when I started writing this post - and
the time when I finished. The post took me one hour! So .... to get more
mileage from the message, I decided to share with the art education
lists, too.

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