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Re: [teacherartexchange] Fewer posts to Getty list


From: Diane Gregory (gregory.diane55_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jun 27 2011 - 09:39:57 PDT

Sorry Judy

I did not intentionally spread your email address.I did not see it posted in the last email or this one.

I guess I am trying to move our discussions in positive directions. I am sure you have every reason to be frustrated and hurt. I really have not experienced the email problems you have. Perhaps others have not as well. I do remember the spoofing problems years ago. That was really frustrating.

I wonder if we can put all of this behind us? We are fighting for our professional lives and we need to be supportive. I have appreciated all you have done to make the Getty list successful. Hang in there.

Warmest Regards

Your friend in Art Education

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On Jun 27, 2011, at 10:32 AM, Judy Decker <> wrote:

> Greetings Diane and All,
> I can only tell you why I don't post to the list much. I can't speak for others.
> In 2005, I lost my Internet service completely as my home address was
> sending virus emails and spam - all spoofed. We were without service
> for about two weeks. Now if I lose Internet, I also lose phone
> service. That same year, Yahoo also closed the account I was using for
> list mail for the same reason. I was not given any notice. I lost lots
> of "good stuff" I had saved. I used my home account (Road Runner) to
> post to the list until servers all across the globe were blocking it
> (It was on just about every Spam block list), so I opened up the Yahoo
> account - jdeckeriad (as I was web master for an art education web
> site at the time).
> Once I got Internet service back, I stopped using the Road Runner
> account for anything online. I only use it for personal mail (and
> don't want anyone else posting it online to any social networks etc).
> I opened up a new Yahoo account - jdecker4art. Once Gmail became
> available, I opened up a Gmail account (judy.decker) as I liked the
> way that service archives/sort posts better. That Gmail account gets
> up to 300 Spam emails a day - about half were from my own email
> address. Why? Because Getty list members posted it to the list over
> 500 times! I set that account up to automatically send any post from
> judy.decker directly to trash so I didn't have to deal with seeing all
> of the garbage. I opened up a new Gmail account to use for all list
> mail. In two years of use, Getty list members have posted this address
> almost 200 times - and another one added today by you, Diane.
> Many list members have really blasted be for asking members to be more
> careful and remove email addresses. One called me "Controlling"....
> Another would deliberately reply to my old posts. She would save them
> up - change the subject line - and write her post, making sure my
> email address was posted again. She didn't like my personal off list
> request, I guess. I just can not deal with the childish, immature
> behavior any more. Members on this list are supposed to be
> professional. Some members have answered that it takes too much time
> to remove the email address of the original sender! Two seconds is too
> much time? Do they have any idea how long it takes me to write my
> posts?
> Ironically, many of the posts that include my email address are ones
> simply thanking me for whatever it is that I posted (just two words
> posted "Thank you" or simply "Thanks" -- and my email address
> included).Totally ignoring my requests to send personal "Thank Yous"
> off list -- and requests to remove my email address before one clicks
> "Send".
> Several years ago I fought hard to keep this list. You folks have no
> idea that hours I spent. I did get Getty to change their software so
> that our addresses are not posted when WE post ourselves. There is
> nothing they can do right now about the email addresses that YOU
> folks, although software is available.
> TAB is active because they discuss important issues in art education.
> I haven't checked Google lists. Let us know what list it is, and I
> will check it out.
> So far, I only get 50 or less Spam emails on this account a day - and
> have only received a handful from my own address. If it gets to be too
> much, I will unsubscribe....or at least stop posting (except for when
> I am doing Altered Book exchanges. I get some of the best and most
> interesting work from Getty folks -- smile).
> If this list goes on the chopping block again, it won't be me trying to save it.
> Regards,
> Judy Decker
> On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 10:15 AM, Diane Gregory wrote:
>> Hey Judy
>> Why do you think the list receives so few posts. I subscribe to the TAB list and the Google Art Teacher list. These lists are pretty active.
>> Diane
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