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Re: [teacherartexchange] Old Home Week - Howdy Friends


From: Bunki Kramer (bkramer_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jun 26 2009 - 15:59:35 PDT

Hi controlling Queen Bee, hee, hee! It's been too long. I'm glad to
hear you have found your wonderful niche in Church doings. It's nice
to feel appreciated. Of course, you have always been "appreciated"
here as well as being our fierce leader from time to time. Your energy
on IAD has been exceptional.

I've hesitated to post on more than one list as I get multiple posts
from others. It can be a nusance (my spell checker doesn't know this
one-grin) if you approach it that way. I just touch the delete problem. In fact Getty seems to be sending me two of every
one of the posts for some odd reason but I'm just happy to be on so
I'm not touchin' ANYTHING! I don't even know if I can get ArtEducators
yet. I guess I'll be posting on this site since I'm partial to it as
it was my first listserv to join.

Going down memory lane, are we? Countin' on my fingers and toes, I
think I joined in 1996...about 6 months into the beginning of the
listserv. My first response and first friend was Ken Rohrer who had
started up the Incredible Art Department. He asked me for a lesson
plan after talking to me awhile. That was about the time Newsweek
posted that IAD was their site of the week. Big times!

I was so excited to finally find some other art teachers to talk to
and share ideas. My district art teachers wouldn't share beans as they
worked too hard to find their own stuff. Forget sharing. Previously my
research was the county library and I used to go into the "stacks",
sit on the floor, and thumb through art books hoping to find ideas. It
was slim pickin's back then as there were no sites or
lists...nothin'. The biggest windfall was finding old back issues of
Student Arts and Arts and Activities (A&A). times have
changed! You can find anything, anywhere nowadays on the internet.

In our school, the workshop teacher and I were the first two teachers
to embrace the computer. Funny how that came around to mean zip when
they doled out the computers and we were the last two to get them in
the classrooms as we were "electives" and therefore not as important
as the core/science depts. You all know how that goes. Over half the
teachers couldn't even turn their computers on, but they still got
them and we didn't. Oh...that brings back memories.

You can "toodles" anytime you wanna. Someone wrote to me a long time
ago that "toodles" really bugged them, can you believe?

> Judy Decker
> "Queen Bee" today (chuckles)
> My ArtsEdNetTalk story:
> I was required to sign up to a list serve for a professional
> development class on technology (1997? 1998?). They gave us the list
> serve from NCREL (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory). Our
> assignment was to post a lesson and to save a lesson. I was on that
> service for several days waiting for a lesson to be posted in my area
> (of course I posted mine right away). I did meet some fine educators
> on that list - none of them art educators. I knew about ArtsEdNetTalk
> so asked the instructor if I could sign up for that service to
> complete my assignment. He said OK. Within minutes (seconds?) after my
> posting, I had a reply and was able to save a lesson (well, LOTS of
> lessons/lesson ideas). That list was really hopping! I changed my
> membership to digest the first day. I didn't change to individual
> posts until after I started working on Incredible Art Department web
> site. I needed to save indivual posts for the site.
> I LOVED the list! I got immediate respect. I didn't have to work for
> it (smile). I did not have much respect from my administrator,
> Exploratory Team or other staff members. I was an admitted
> "work-aholic". I embraced technology - it was fun for me. I had a son
> who could help me learn, too. He was always very tech savvy. I made
> time to do technology - on my own time. Many others didn't want to be
> bothered doing anything more. Well... that is enough of a trip down
> memory lane.....No need to share the rest of the story.
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