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[teacherartexchange] Old Home Week - Howdy Friends


From: Judy Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jun 26 2009 - 09:18:02 PDT

Greetings ArtEdNet Talk Friends (and TeacherArtExchange Members),

It is so nice to see some dear friends posting again. I missed my
daily "Toodles" (chuckles). I had been saying "Toodles" myself for
years before I "met" Bunki on the list (maybe back in 1997? or was in
1998?). I know it wasn't until I got Internet access in my classroom.
Mine was one of the last to get "wired". (See story below on how I
found ArtsEdNetTalk)

My Mom was a "Toodles" person, too - I have no clue where she picked
it up (she died in 1996). So... Bunki and I hit it off right away
(although I tried not to "Toodles" on the list - There can only be one

Anyways.... I have been trying to figure out how to answer Michal's
question to me - without sounding offended - or offending others....
Can't be done - so here is my answer.

>> Judy, I was on all those lists, but quit all but one of them because of all the multiple posts to each list. Has this changed any?

The short answer is "No".

The long answer.....

I still post to all lists. When I find something good, I want everyone
to know about it. There are some who are on all lists - but each list
also has its own unique members. I spend a long time composing my
posts - so the more art teachers I reach, the better (for me - and
everyone). Art Education Yahoo list may have the most members now
(even more than Getty list?). I know Michal was one of the founding
members of that list way back when?

I also post to all lists when and if I update Incredible Art
Department (although lately, I haven't had time to work on the site.
Church is becoming a full time job - one that I really enjoy - and I
know my work is valued there a LOT). I also post to all lists if I am
organizing an Altered Book Tip In Exchange (decided not to do it this
summer - just too much on my plate right now).

So.... I guess I was a tiny bit offended by the question. Can't deny it (smile).

Now to offend others.....

I, too, am annoyed by the "gimmy-gimmies" who post their questions "I
want it now!" to all lists. They usually get answers on all lists now,
too. I now wait a couple days before I reply as we are often "like
minds" and someone else always comes up with my same "words of
wisdom". I rarely post my replies to the lists. I send them off list.

I do apologize for offending..... Could those asking for help select
one list to post to first? If no replies are received, post to your
other list(s)?

Yes, I am "controlling" (grin). I have been accused of it many times -
so might as well admit to it.

Note: I did hear back from one of the "Getty Edu" list members. She
forwarded my request to the Tech people (the problem with auto
responses and need to truncate email addresses). I will let you know
if I hear anything back from them.

And my request - as usual - Please do not post my email address if you
reply to this message. Also - Remove all members' email addresses
before you click "send".


Judy Decker
"Queen Bee" today (chuckles)

My ArtsEdNetTalk story:

I was required to sign up to a list serve for a professional
development class on technology (1997? 1998?). They gave us the list
serve from NCREL (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory). Our
assignment was to post a lesson and to save a lesson. I was on that
service for several days waiting for a lesson to be posted in my area
(of course I posted mine right away). I did meet some fine educators
on that list - none of them art educators. I knew about ArtsEdNetTalk
so asked the instructor if I could sign up for that service to
complete my assignment. He said OK. Within minutes (seconds?) after my
posting, I had a reply and was able to save a lesson (well, LOTS of
lessons/lesson ideas). That list was really hopping! I changed my
membership to digest the first day. I didn't change to individual
posts until after I started working on Incredible Art Department web
site. I needed to save indivual posts for the site.

I LOVED the list! I got immediate respect. I didn't have to work for
it (smile). I did not have much respect from my administrator,
Exploratory Team or other staff members. I was an admitted
"work-aholic". I embraced technology - it was fun for me. I had a son
who could help me learn, too. He was always very tech savvy. I made
time to do technology - on my own time. Many others didn't want to be
bothered doing anything more. Well... that is enough of a trip down
memory lane.....No need to share the rest of the story.

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