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Date: Wed Jun 18 2008 - 12:03:46 PDT

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>TEACHERARTEXCHANGE Digest for Monday, June 16, 2008.
>1. 6-8 Art Curriculum
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>4. Re: 6-8 Art Curriculum
>Subject: 6-8 Art Curriculum
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>Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 12:32:49 -0700 (PDT)
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>Hello Everyone,
>I am new to the exchange. I am from Montana.
>I was recently hired to teach Art K-8 and SpEd K-4. But as
>happens, administration has already changed my job
>description to more SpEd and less art, even before the
>school year started. =) I will however be responsible for
>writing lesson plans for a 6-8 art program for someone else
>to implement.
>My question is does anyone have any suggestions on a pre
>wrote art curriculum for that age group that would be
>practical to implement?
>The instructor that I am writing the plans for does not
>have an art background and has only taught Kindergarten as
>far as I know, so does not have a lot of experience in
>teaching art. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I understand your situation a little. I teach in Iowa and
have been at the same school district for five years
teaching 4-8 in two buildings. The admistration decided to
"break up" the elementary school art position so I'll only
teach 5th grade at the elementary building and 6-8 at the
middle school, the elementary art teacher in another
building (k-3) will be traveling to teach the 4th grade on a
separate day in the same building since we will have to
share the art room. The exchange for this "service", I will
have to be at the elementary building for an entire day
while the middle school classes will be covered by rotating
teachers for the day I am absent! So I can have a "work
day" for the students, study hall or prepare for instruction
to be taught by the classroom teacher that will be covering
for me that day:o) I went to the curriculum director and
asked for money to order programs for the teachers to teach
during my class so the students won't destroy the art room.
Just thought you might like to try the Wilton art program
that comes with a work book, that's what the teachers that
will be covering my 6th grade classes will be assigned to
use. Maybe you could "recommend" it to the person that will
be teaching the middle school classes. Books are like $2.00
a piece with the videos around a couple hundred dollars, I
understand there are different lessons that go along with
the work book. I know how frustrating it is working with
people who think that teaching art is simple. I wouldn't
take on the stress of writing lesson plans for someone else
to teach and then try to evaluate, or provide an assessment
tool, for the students without having them first hand.
Hopefully, the person teaching the class has a good attitude
about the assigned duties and working with middle school
kids! You certainly are looking out for the school that
doesn't seem to value the spark of excitment a new teacher
brings to educating the students. Hope you find something
that works for you! Katie B in IA

  Katie Barber
Art 4-8, Woodside and Norwoodville

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