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Re: Digital Photo


From: V Moreira Komando (komandov_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 07:42:11 PDT


Has anyone switched their film photo program over to digital (all or =
part)? I'm thinking of offering parallel digital projects through the =
year, and would appreciate any insights you have. Any equipment =
suggestions, or assignment suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (I
also teach computer graphics and already have a lab with 12 Dells with
PhotoShop on them.)

John Scott
Hayes High School
Delaware, OH

Hi John,

I have 2 Photo / Digital classes (as the darkroom only has 3 enlargers due to space constraints.) We work with Adobe Photoshop and also work on manipulating images with 2D Design principles and inspired by an artist or photographer. So the kids may be in the darkroom for a lesson, on the computer, or physically altering an image they have developed or created on the computer. We are fortunate to have computers for the class to use, but I also have a large format scanner, a digital camera (the Sony Mavica with the floppy disk so the student can take his or her floppy once they are done photographing and I don't have to worry about uploading the images), and an HP 1220c ink jet printer that prints up to 13" x 19". I have used lightweight watercolor paper to print on with the HP as I can load paper from the back of the printer. We also have a slide printer to create Polaroid transfers and emulsion transfers. We have a dry mount press as well.


I use the Photographic Eye as the class text as well as a book by Theresa Airey for creative photo imaging. Be forewarned that the book has some nudes in it. I teach one of the 2 classes as an AP class and submit the work according to the guidelines for the 2D Design AP Portfolio.


Here are some of the assignments I have on my syllabus:

 1. Pinhole photograph (Space/ Panoramic)


 2. Photogram (Positive / Negative Space)


 3. Kruger / e.e. cummings text design (Balance / Emphasis)


 4. One quality photographic print (Rule of Thirds, Emphasis, Balance)


  Create a kaleidoscope design using your name and a BW color scheme on

  Adobe Photoshop. Expand upon the design by creating a 3-panel piece. (Symmetry)


Scan in one of your BW photographs. You are to apply color to the photograph in

the following manner: 1. Select only 2-3 parts to add color. Add color based on

the color theory listed above. Arrange each colored digital, which are all the

same image only in different colors onto a new canvas. Colors may be bold

or muted, but not both. (Emphasis / Focus)


Option 2 Hand-color two of your BW photos using oil paints. Use the same

image, printed 3 times, and keep one as a BW print. Dry mount onto a mat



Find a cultural pattern and apply it to a new image (your face, leaves, your car, etc.)

OR create a new creature / doll/toy by combining animal with mechanical.

(Unity / Harmony / Cultural studies)


After researching altered books, the students are to create a 5-page book. Each page

must include at least one of their photographic images.(Mixed Media)


After researching David Hockney and Jeremy Wolff, students are to photograph and

assemble their own cubist composition. This can also be done on the computer with a modification of changing each section of the collage with filters or adjustments in color,

style, etc.(We look at Picasso and Braque and Collage and Cubism here. too.

Cubism study / Art History)


Informal Portraits - The students were assigned to do a portrait of a faculty or staff

member.(Informal versus Formal Emphasis)


Students also had assignments to create an LP including themselves with props - 2

versions (I told them one was the US LP and one was the European version.)


They also had traditional projects: Hands, feet, shoes, texture, magnification, reflections,

water, organic forms, geometrics, shadows, repetition, landscapes, etc. to photograph


Their final project was to make a box / container (absolutely no shoe boxes allowed) with

their images after we studied Joseph Cornell. (Materials Manipulation, 2D applied to a

3D form).


Hope these projects give you an idea of what we did. It was always busy and the kids had assigned Darkroom times. I know there were other assignments, which I can't think of off the top of my head.


If you have any questions, email me.




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