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Visual Journaling Unit Plan - file offer


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 12:51:32 PDT

Dear ArtsEdNetters,

I have Mark Anderson's unit plan for Visual Journaling
and will forward to all who request (off list please).

It is a 30 page pdf file - Here is a description:

Pdf file of the unit that was included with Mark's
presentation at the Central Scholar's Symposium last
month. This summer he will be adapting the ideas in
this unit for 7th and 8th Grade Art I - and will use
this as the framework for an entire semester of art
production/aesthetic thinking/history.

The abstract of the unit as it currently exists is as

"Visual Journaling: Creative & Self Expression Through
Narrative Art" is a visual arts approach that will
provide the high school Art II or III teacher
with a means of encouraging creative thinking
processes and fostering relevant personal expression
through an authentic experience of visual and
narrative self-exploration. Students introduced to
this unit will already have experienced and
demonstrated proficiency in basic art and design
principles, collage art techniques, and contour and
gesture drawing. Students should have a working grasp
of the basic narrative forms introduced in English I.

So that the art teacher can best assess class
preparedness and familiarization with the prerequisite
knowledge base, it is recommended that
this unit be scheduled for a second semester
introduction - possibly late winter, when a long-term
unit of study may be more welcome and appropriate.
The classroom should be arranged so that students will
be in collaborative-learning groupings in order to
facilitate the sharing of new ideas and techniques.

By directly relating instructional goals to MoStep
standards, this long term unit of study demonstrates
relevance of visual narrative to the personal
life of the learner, identifies key components of
cultural relevance, builds proficiency in the use of
various media, and makes distinctions between
visual observations and personal reflections. Learners
will express personal reflections through a
combination of visual and narrative components,
recognizing and incorporating the storytelling
elements found in the work of contemporary art and
culture. Furthermore, learners will be encouraged to
identify and understand ways other disciplines are
connected to and informed by the visual arts.

The Visual Journaling Unit begins with some core
concepts for student consideration.

* Visual and written expression often comes together,
creating opportunities for visually rich narrative
through both cultural and personal reflection.

* Visual journals transcend purely written or purely
visual personal reflections by combining narrative and
visual elements in a tactile, hands-on process - a
process which, due to the requisite time involved,
encourages authentic reflection and expression.

* An artist's chosen medium for artistic/personal
expression is an important component in transforming
ideas into expressed thought.

* Books are a personal form of communication. Because
the reading of a book is a solitary, private, and
individual activity, the communion between
author/artist and reader is "one-to-one."

* A variety of different forms of visual narrative
exist in diverse forms of art.

Learning how to make art and learning how to respond
to art are not one and the same. A personal response
to art might encompass "likes" and "dislikes",
art history and appreciation, exploration of the
purpose and end result of a particular artwork or
"why" an artist created that work in the first place.

To that end, the constructs of Visual Journaling are
thus a student articulation, exploring not only the
"how", but also the "why" of art making.

Please ask me OFF List for this file. I will forward
this week only. (Requests received after June 12, 2004
will be ignored. Sorry I have had to start doing this-
Folks request things months and years after they were

Judy Decker

Judy Decker
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