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Art of Oceania - Pacific - Masks - Tapa Cloth and more


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 12:33:05 PDT

Dear Art Educators,

My survey respondents were interested in art of the Pacific -- quite a vast
area to cover! If you have quality sites you have come across - Please post
to the list. I will not be linking all of these - so if this is a topic that
interests you - save images now. If it is masks you want - sort through this
list and pick out the links.

Oceania - brief summaries from Natural History Museum of Florence (some
images - see Melanesia Helmet mask))

Art of Polynesia and Melanesia. Indiana Museum of Art:

New Guinea Sculpture Garden at Stanford University:

The British Museum - Pacific (enter Pacific and Oceania in Compass search)

Pacific Collection - Australian Museum Online:

Papua New Guinea Online

Where Masks Still Dance - Papua New Guinea (from Time - has photographs and
sound - text is a little hard to read)

Huli People of Papua New Guinea -- Several pages of information - some
images (I probably will not link this):

Papua New Guinea -Masks and Tumbuans (commercial site - but has background
information - small images):

Kavat Masks - East New Britain

Tribal Artifacts New Guinea (commercial site - but gives brief descriptions)
Middle Sepik Masks
Yam masks:

The Sepik - Art and Meaning - View Flash to see illustrations of art
(graphics not photographs) - use
html to read stories: Nice site.

University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology:

Pacific Cultures - Logan Museum:

Lots of links to explore from

Painted Faces are interesting:
.htm (add the .htm)

Papua New Guinea - guide to artifacts - brief information given:

Masks from Middle Sepik River - Guide:

Papua New Guinea - New Britain - Guide to masks:

Encarta -Kanganaman Mask - New Guinea:

Art of Oceania - Museum sites with collections:
Polynesia links - with thumbnails of images:
Melanesia links - with thumbnail images:

Oceanic masks - New Guinea (commercial site - but quality images): plaited masks

Tatanua Mask - New Ireland:

Sepik Art - New Guinea polychrome vegetable panel
Art of Nuon Gulf - Mask of Tapa on light Armour:
See more examples of art - quality images - but no information:

Metropolitan Museum of Art (click on view ten at a time)

Museum of Fine Art - Boston - Search New Guinea - Polynesia and Melanesia

Chris Witcomb's Art History Links (I have not checked these links):

Oceanic Art - De Young:

St. Louis Art Museum - Oceanic Art:

Pacific Asian Museum - search by region:

Dallas Museum of Art - Pacific Collection:

Music Archive for Papua New Guinea - has link to sound files:

Oceanic Art and Culture - links to check (several museums listed - search
their collections):

Care and Collection of Bark Paintings (conservation):

Bark cloth New Guinea:

Tapa cloth - Information and images:

Tapa cloth - Crizmac:

Tapa Cloth Samoa: Gallery) larger size
Tapa making is a traditional art of Hawaii (and islands). The process begins
with stripping the tree to reveal the inner bark. The inner bark is first
cut into strips. Then, it is soaked and pounded with mallets. Natural dyes
are made from the native plants. The dyes vary but are predominantly brown
in color. They are extracted by twisting bark shavings and collecting the
liquid in a bowl. Individual strips of inner bark are then placed together,
and patterns are imprinted upon the tapa cloth. The final stage consists of
outlining the brownish designs with black dye. A single tapa cloth averages
75 feet in length, and is later cut up into smaller pieces as needed.

Bark Cloth:

Tapa Gallery (commercial site):

Image of Tapa cloth:
sion/tn/p6143253.jpg.index.html (add the rest of this URL)

Tapa Image - from - Maui:

Some information on Tapa cloth

Tapa Image:

Image - Old Samoan Tapa cloth:

Tapa cloth (view each region) - Nice resource - has images with most
Ngatu - Tonga name for Tapa:

Tapa image:

Music Archive for Pacific Island Nations - has sound files:
ml (add the ml)

Music Archive for New Zealand - has link to sound files

Music Archive for Australia - has link to sound files

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department