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Masks of Asia - long post


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 12:39:58 PDT

Dear Art Educators,

I am done surfing for all Asian cultures. If you find more of interest -
Please post to the list. I didn't take the time to"Tiny URL" the long URL's
so you will have to copy and paste those. Save this post if you are
interested in mask making information and images. I will not be putting all
of these on my site. There are many commercial sites out there - it was hard
finding quality sites with background information.

Lots of images - seven sets to browse - many Asian countries represented (22
countries from around the world) - doesn't give cultural information about
the masks. Might be fun to select some to use in a guessing game - based on
characteristics of the culture:

Mask from Tibet (or Bhutan) and Nepal:

Dark Old Man - Mongolian Exhibit:

Wooden mask (Indra) - Nepal:

Various masks from Asia (commercial site - but good images - no background

Commercial site - but has some nice images - Nickle silver masks good to
show for foil tooling projects.

Asian Masks - small images:

Masks from Nepal (small images):

Himalayan Masks (Nepal) - small images:

Himalayan Masks (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India) - commercial site -see Newari
copper masks for foil tooling ideas
More Himalayan masks (commercial)

Masks of the Himalayas - commercial site - 5 pages of images -has link to
essay with more information.

Bhutanese masks (commercial site - but nice images):

Masks from Nepal (Indigo Arts):

Masks from Tibet (Indigo Arts)

Bali - Indonesia - Java

Masks from Bali - Indonesia - Indigo Arts Gallery

Masks from Java (Indigo Arts Gallery):

Indonesian Elements -Commercial site - has several page of images - brief
information given:
e=masks.htm (be sure to add the e=masks.htm)

Commercial site:

Some information - poor quality images:

Bali Dances (many with masks) - no images:

Javanese Masks - Field Museum in Chicago (2 pages of images)
Topeng Performance:
Java Village:

Some information -Culture of Cambodia:

Casting Characters -Khmer Mask Making:

Article on maskmaking in Cambodia:


Khon Mask Making in Thailand:

Khon Masks of Thailand:


See also for more on Ramakian of Thailand - Northern Illinois University

Some Khon masks (poor quality images - but brief information):


(See Dawn's post for more masks of China)

Di Opera and Mask - from China Vista:

Paper cut Beijing Opera Masks:

Masks of China: Historical and Contemporary Traditional in Chinese Mask

Medical Museum of University of Iowa. Lots of images - but little
about the masks.Chinese

Opera Masks - illustrations - explanations of colors. These are painted
directly on the face.

Chinese Traditional Opera:


Background information on Noh - Kyogen theater in Japan (images are small):

Japanese Noh Theater- some images:

Japanese Noh Masks - commercial site - but shows process of making a Noh
Mask and quality images of the character masks
See new masks: (home page)
World masks

Noh Exhibition - (I will not be linking this site - but you might want some

The Noh Mask Effect: A Facial Expression Illusion (interesting article):

Noh and Kyogen - History - informative from Japan Access

Karuga - Japanese ritual mask (will not be linking this):
99.html (copy and paste to add 99.html)

Japanese Theatre Timeline:


Masks and Mask-dance Dreams (some information:

Faces Expressed in Korean Masks - some background information:

Hanoe-Dong Mask Museum: (background information and lots of small images for
Hanoe and Korean masks)

Masks and Dance Masks (information - small images):

Hanoe Dance Drama (see also links at top to Act and Tal)

Korean Dance Performance (commercial site but has background information):

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department