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Lessons using technology - middle and elementary


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 15:02:57 PDT

Here are a couple lessons using digital photographs. Continue to post your
ideas to the list.
All levels are looking for lessons integrating technology. If you have
pictures of your student work, I would like to put them on IAD. If you
missed a previous post - I listed Jeryl's second grade portraits:

This one is from Lin:

One of the most successful "technology" lessons (I use the term loosely)
I ever did was with 4th and 5th grade. We took close up digital pictures
of each child. I enlarged them in Photoshop until they were as large as
possible on 8.5 x 11 paper. After printing them out in black and white,
we carefully cut them down the middle and glued one half to a large
sheet of paper.
We spent several days studying on facial proportions using mirrors and
looking at portraits.
Finally, the students drew the other half of their faces using colored
pencils and markers. They had to use what they had learned about
proportions to make sure their faces were symmetrical. In the
background, they drew things about themselves.

Here is one from LeAnn Escoffre -suitable for grades 6 thru 8

LeAnn did this with black and white photocopies - but you could do it using
digital photographs of the students. Create a high contrast image using you
Photo editing software - Students could do this themselves. Print out one
image in black and white and use it a base for this collage project (I will
be putting this on IAD soon):

2. Collage portraits taken from arts and activities magazine lesson.
Here is the lesson plan to go with that.
Collage Faces

L. Escoffre
Grade: 8th
Length: 3-4 class periods

Given tools, teacher demonstrations, 1-2 class periods, examples,
discussion, and visuals, the students will create a collage using modern
fashion models as inspiration - substitute Digital photographs for self

Collage - Value - Shape - Space - Color - Emphasis

Supplies/ Tools/ Equipment
One photocopied face per student (suggestion to use digital photographs of
the students)
Various scraps of colored paper (foil, construction paper, tissue paper,
etc.) - Glitter - Glue sticks, or white glue, or even modge podge
Paint brushes for application of glue

Motivational Stragegies
The students will be shown colorful and unique portraits of artists such as
Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Vincent Van Gogh, and Henri Matisse. (especially
Portrait with Green Stripe, by Henri Matisse)

Instructional Preparations/ Suggestions/ Safety
The vocublary terms should be written on the board and discussed as students
are viewing the works by Picasso, Klee, etc.

Student Activities/ Procedures:

1.The teacher will lead the students in a discussion about the human face
and how it has been portrayed in art throughout history. We will view works
by a variety of artists.

2. We will discuss the use of color by these artists. (This will add to
their knowledge about some of the elements of art). New terms will be added
throughout the instruction.

3. The students will be instructed to create a collage using the face as a

They will use only small (no bigger than your thumb) torn pieces of paper
To cover the face completely
To divide the face into several sections of color.
To leave part of the eyes exposed.

4. Upon completion the students should emphasize the nose and mouth with
mediums of their choice. Finishing touches of glitter can be added around
the irises of eyes and lips.

5. If the student wishes they may extend the face design onto another plane
by adding extra pieces and gluing to a bigger sheet of paper.

Continue to post ideas you have done integrating technology. I will compile
and send to my survey group.

Dawn sent me a computer graphic design project using Alexander Calder. I
will be putting it on IAD soon and will post the link.

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department