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bubbles, the party's over


From: MAK ~ MaryAnn Kohl (mak_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 23:14:58 PDT

Storybook Art Party --- report!!
  Dear Loop Friends:

Thanks for all the bubbles help...The bubbles were a huge success. Some of
the things that were especially fun: I cut the wire mesh out of one of
those things that holds back the grease in a frying's kind of like
a flat all that was left was the frying pan sized ring with a
handle. $1.00 at the dollar store. Same for a smaller version that was more
of a scoop shape...cut out the wire, leaving a circle with a handle - also
$1.00... like giant bubble blowers. Then I made the thing stringing straws
on yarn that someone suggested, and that worked really well too. The
six-pack ring was the best!!! Other ladles and things with holes in them
didn't work all that well. But the fly swatter was great...lots of flinging
of bubbles in everyone's faces. ha ha ha (Something had to go wrong at least
once in the day: A little toddler fell face first into the bubbles tub. He
was puking bubbles, poor little guy, but his mom stayed cool and calm and
just kept rinsing and rinsing him with the hose of clear water. It scared
me, though. Thank goodness she was supervising him.)

Other big hit at our party was the rented "bouncy castle" - kind of a moon
walk thing. Those kids jumped for three hours, five kids at a time, and not
one head clunk nor was one tear shed for any reason. what great kids.

One little girl ate six hotdogs. I didn't tell on her. She even had
saurkraut on one of them. Most kids ate two hotdogs and two pieces of cake
(ages 5-10).

We made crazy headbands with puffy pens on tagboard, with yarn and ribbons
and cotton balls and "whatevers". Had a croquet game going and bocci ball.
Facepainting. It was like a carnival!! Other stuff: we had tadpole hunting,
and an ant colony to observe (may I say HUGE nest of thatching ants. Only
supervised kids could go near it.) Only one kid slipped on the bank of the
pond and fell into the mud. When he started to run back to his mom, a father
Canada goose was defending his 7 goslings, and started to fly after the
little boy. He was a tough little guy, so wasn't too scared. But it was
exciting for all the kids who were watching. What a country adventure ---
All in my back yard. About 200 people. It was something else. I've never
done anything like this before on my own. Worked like a charm. I was so
exhausted when it was over. Woke up this morning limping. I don't know why!!
I think I'm just getting old. Feeling fine tonight. ;o)

But the best part of the party was giving the kids "their free copies of the
book" in this very "too too cool" ceremony. Each child was so proud of the
portraits they drew or the other artwork they submitted. Their parents and
grandparents were beside themselves, and I WAS BUSTING WITH THE HAPPIES.
This is what writing my art books is all's about kids, and
influencing their lives, fine-tuning their awareness, building their
self-esteem, turning on lights in dark rooms...and isn't that what any kind
of teaching is about??!! (should be about..???)

I hope you can see....I am a teacher, who just happens to write books.

If you're at NAEYC in November, I am doing a session called "Publishing Your
Teaching Ideas". I hope you will come to it if you are interested, and learn
a few secrets to getting a book done... You can stay a classroom teacher and
write books in your, ummmmmmm, free time (???)....or you can move on to a
new career as a writer of books that teach. Or first one, and then the
other. Come and say hi!!

Thanks everyone...I'm so grateful for your help.



MaryAnn Kohl
PO Box 31338
 Bellingham, WA 98228

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