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Professionalism on the way out the door


From: Jean Womack (jeaneger_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 22:32:55 PDT

My ex-husband had the bad habit of telling me not to call the cops. My
current husband has that bad habit too. My family did that to me too. My
family portrayed the cops as a lot of Nazi storm troopers. Someone probably
told them that, or they believed it. People told me that prostitution was
not legal in Nevada. I knew that sex for money was wrong. But the people
who try to get you to do it don't call it prostitution. They call it a
lifestyle. Someone ought to tell kids that they have to think for
themselves. They have to protect themselves against people who try to get
them to do things by telling them it's legal and fun and everyone does it.
Not by getting a gun and shooting someone, but by calling the cops and
telling them that something is wrong. And if the cops say they can't do
anything about it, or if you complain about it, you just get more of it,
then call them again. Keep calling them until you find someone who will
help you. I think that it's not legal in Nevada either. Don't let anyone
take you to Nevada where there is no one that you know. Don't let anyone
take you to another state and dump you where you have no family or friends
to protect you. Transportation across state lines for immoral purposes is
against the law. I think that the FBI is completely useless. I think that
the FBI has been completely infiltrated by foreign agents. I can't even
find their telephone number in the telephone book. But there are plenty of
other police organizations in that telephone book. The teachers are not the
only ones who care about kids.

I got hit with drugs in my food at a restaurant meal in Marin County several
months ago. I guess that is a job for the Food and Drug Administration. My
husband told me not to call the cops, to go to a psychiatrist. But I am not
crazy. I called the Customs bureau. That's when we broke up. I guess
that's what he wanted. He wanted to break up with me, so he told me not to
call the cops. Too bad about that, Howard. I don't want to be a slave. I
don't want to take a day off work to go to a psychiatrist when that
hospistal is supposed to be supported by a working population of clients.
And how can they have a healthy working population of clients to support the
sick ones when their patients have to take a day off from work every time
they get a bad restaurant meal? They ought to have marriage counselors
working in the evening like they say they do. I don't want to lose my job.
I like my job. I guess the county clinic wants me back under their thumb,
on welfare, where they can continue to experiment on me. One of my friends
told me that some of the Hell's Angels work for the county, so I guess that
is where THAT is coming from.

Jean Eger Womack