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Re: Is art education dead?


From: Patricia Knott (pknott_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 22:09:12 PDT

I hope this discussion has not died. It is essential that we keep a dialogue
otherwise it will die.

Teresa replied to me about facing fear
> I think the world and individuals and school systems
> and teachers and people in general need to stand up to
> fear - ---and the fear of parents
> threatening lawsuits, yes, I understand that you need
> to do what you need to do to survive in your situation
> and circumstance. Stand up to fear, wherever it is,
> however you can.

and I'm thinking there is much fear involved in the creation of art and it
seems to me sometimes that fear among the young ones is very frightening

How does it happen that little ones make marks, record their impressions
through marks, delight in their marks, then all of a sudden decide their
marks are not right.
Yes I know the histories and theories of why this happens what I want is a
way to get the them beyond the point where they think their "marks" are not
right ( in that Western, Renaissance , elements and principles manner) and
go beyond a prejudiced established criteria that we force them in to.

"I can't draw "is mostly what I hear..... I wish I hear- I can't observe or
I can't translate but what I hear is I can't draw and it stifles and
concludes pursuits from kids that may have talents that we are not
recognizedin our established definition of ART.

I'm thinking, pondering ---not even going past cave paintings in my art
history lessons next year--- cause I'm thinking and pondering that
discipline and standards and objectives and outcomes is killing art ed. And
the cave painters wanted to kill a beast. And they did a damn good job of
representing the beast without standards and objectives and elements and

Art education is dying because we have succumbed to a system that values an
assessment based on measurable standards that none of us "get."
I just love laughing at the whole business
I wonder how I got to be what I am
   first thing is that my parents valued and supported
   second I had teachers that recognized my talent and Oh my god 30
years ago differentiated and directed led me into a path (without them
knowing the label) Those teachers had no idea about the crap we are fed
today. They were just teachers. Perhaps there would be some value in looking
at the teachers that are retiring after 30+years of service and learning a
bit of what they have learned. Instead of fostering lofty concepts on ....

art education is dead for the same reason all education is dead It's
just a facade.. get them in.... get them through.... get them out and
avoid any and all problems and look good


just as Esa said to me
> that President Bush and his nay sayers create by
> the fabricated Al Queda group which is a media
> creation

everything today is a creation, everything requires keen scrutiny,
everything comes under visual observation that I am not sure we are
addressing, everything is a facade
perhaps a new element should be mendacity

I have a hard time letting go of what my personal definition of art is -
form, content, participation
and I'm not quite sure what form is anymore but I am sure that what we
have considered as form surely needs some reconsideration.
art will never be dead never
art education is in serious trouble-- 'cause we have forgone playtime
And I'm wondering where in the Standards ACTUAL creative thinking
takes place

So Teresa
tell me how constructivism pulls together all the investigation of artist
intent that I can deliver according to individual pursuit without time
wasting activity that makes them feel like they discovered it on their own.
What is wrong with teaching something?